What is a trundle bed in a hotel

Trundle beds are ideal for sleeping an extra one to two people. A trundle bed features one main bed and bedframe with a drawer you can slide out. This drawer can fit a twin or full size mattress. When not needed for sleeping, simply slide the drawer away to allow for more space in your bedroom.

The main bed that comes with a trundle bed setup can range in size from a twin to king size mattress. Due to the drawer’s compact size, it cannot accommodate larger or thicker mattresses. Most trundle mattresses are 10 inches thick.

This article will break down what a trundle bed is and why it may be right for you. We’ll look at its benefits and discuss which mattresses pair best with trundle beds. To conclude, we’ll discuss some alternatives to trundle beds and answer some questions about this type of bed.

Trundle Bed: What is It?

A trundle bed is designed to provide additional sleeping space without necessitating the purchase of another bed and bedframe. The drawer and bed combination that trundle beds offer allows you to maximize space and stick to your budget.

There are two main styles of trundle beds. A drawer trundle is pulled out and stays in its original low-profile setup. This bed cannot be raised to match the height of the main bed. Pop-up trundle beds still slide in and out of a drawer.

However, these beds can be raised to whatever height you prefer. You can adjust the height to match the needs and preferences of each sleeper. You’ll want to elevate the bed to the same height as the main bed in most cases.

The price range for trundle beds varies depending upon the bed frame size and frame type. On average, a trundle bed costs $600.

A trundle bed frame can be wooden or metal. Wooden frames are more expensive than metal ones. Metal frames tend to be more durable and can hold more weight. Pairing the frame with one of the best mattresses under $1000 can ensure a comfortable sleep experience without overspending.


Benefits of Trundle Beds

These beds have become popular due to their low cost and compact style. Trundle beds allow you to easily accommodate overnight guests without having to invest in another bed, futon, or fold-out couch. In addition, they can be slid in when not in use.

When considering bed frames and mattresses for kids, you might want to opt for a trundle bed. Trundle beds are conducive for hosting sleepovers in your child’s room. No one must sleep on the floor or in a sleeping bag when you have a trundle bed.

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The drawer that comes with a trundle bed can also double as a storage area. You can store blankets, clothes, toys, books, and so much more in this drawer.

Those who have a small bedroom, live in compact studio apartments, or have a shopping budget can all benefit from trundle beds. With this type of bed, you’ll be able to provide overnight visitors with a comfortable sleeping space without spending a ton of money. Pairing it with an excellent hotel mattress can give guests a top-of-the-line experience.

Drawbacks of Trundle Beds

A trundle bed isn’t the ideal sleeping solution for everyone. Trundle beds have some limitations that you’ll want to be aware of when considering your bedding options. These beds are not designed to hold a lot of weight. Most trundle beds come with a weight capacity of 250 pounds. This limits who and how many people can make use of the bed.

You cannot pair a thick mattress with a trundle bed. The drawer that the bed goes in will not close if you use too thick of a mattress. Therefore, you need to use a mattress that is around 10 inches thick. For some individuals, sleeping on a mattress this thin is uncomfortable and even painful.

Pull-out drawer trundle beds create a low-profile sleep environment compared to traditional beds. The lower sleep environment means you must bend down to get in bed. This isn’t optimal for taller or elderly sleepers with mobility issues.

Trundle beds usually come with four wheels attached to them. Depending on the type of wheels your bed uses, there may be issues with bed movement. Wheels that don’t lock can lead to your bed moving as you toss and turn or alternate sleep positions throughout the night.

Which Mattress Pairs Best with a Trundle Bed

Choosing the correct type of mattress to pair with your trundle bed is important. You want to make sure the drawer will close when the bed isn’t needed. In addition, you also need to ensure you’re picking a supportive and comfortable bed.

Innerspring mattresses cannot be used with a trundle bed. These mattresses require a box spring. When you calculate the height of an innerspring mattress with its box spring, there isn’t enough room for both in a trundle bed.

Similarly, many memory foam mattresses can be too thick and tall to be put on a trundle bed. Still, you might be able to find a low-profile one specifically designed for trundle beds.

The best mattresses to use on a trundle bed are latex, hybrid, or air mattresses. Latex mattresses are long-lasting, provide pressure point relief, and have good breathability.

Hybrid mattresses feature a coil support base and a memory foam comfort layer. A hybrid bed provides some body-hugging while also still being responsive. Airbeds are cheap, lightweight, and easy to install. When not needed for sleeping, you can deflate them for easy storage.

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Regardless of what type of mattress you’re considering, the widest range of options and the lowest prices are typically found by considering online mattresses.

Can Taller or Larger Individuals Sleep on a Trundle Bed?

Taller or larger individuals can sleep on a trundle bed if you decide to go with a split king mattress. These sleepers may feel too cramped to sleep on a twin or full size trundle bed. Furthermore, these beds may not have a high enough weight capacity to hold these individuals safely. Taller lightweight sleepers may be able to sleep on a full or split king mattress.

Are you unsure about whether a trundle bed will be a safe and comfortable mattress for guests, consider alternative options. While trundle beds are excellent and cost-effective, they aren’t your only option. Listed below are some excellent alternatives to trundle beds.

Alternatives to Trundle Beds

If you want a hide-away bed or budget mattress, a trundle bed isn’t the only option worth considering.


Futons are a piece of furniture found in college dorms and used most often by teenagers. However, they can sleep larger or taller adults too, depending on the futon mattress size.

A futon mattress can double as both a couch and a bed. When you want to use your futon as a bed, all you must do is flatten it out.

Sofa Bed

Sofa beds feature a couch or sofa that can pull out to reveal a bed. If you need space to accommodate out-of-town guests, consider investing in a sofa bed. It’s cheaper than investing in a whole new bedding setup. Plus, a sofa bed can be used to watch television or lounge around.


Daybeds are similar to sofa beds since they are designed to function as couches and beds. They often feature backrests and armrests, with a cavity for a full or twin size mattress. Daybeds may come with a trundle bed, but not all daybeds double as trundle beds.

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Cots are lightweight and inexpensive ways to house short-term visitors. A cot isn’t going to be comfortable for long-term sleeping or offer much support. Cots do come with a higher weight capacity than trundle beds, ranging from 100 to 600 pounds.

Rollaway Bed

You may have slept on a rollaway bed before when staying at a hotel, motel, or inn. These beds are easy to transport, set up, and store away when not in use. Rollaway beds feature a metal frame with wheels. You can unfold this bed to sleep several full-sized adults easily.

Air Mattress

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Air mattresses can be used both on their own and inside of a trundle bed. If you need to sleep taller or heavier sleepers, consider purchasing a large air mattress. You can set up an air mattress on a guest room floor or in your living room. As previously mentioned, air mattresses are budget-friendly, lightweight, and easy to assemble.

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are an alternative consumers often overlook. This bed can be stored upright against the wall and folded down when necessary. Those who have compact bedrooms or studio apartments utilize murphy beds for their own sleep needs. This bed allows you to significantly expand available bedroom space.


Is there more than one kind of trundle bed?

There are a few different kinds of trundle beds to select from, aside from the standard drawer or pop-up options. Trundle bunk beds are excellent for sleeping shorter, lightweight adults or kids. A trundle bunk bed sleeps two and works well in a kid’s room.

A captain’s bed trundle bed allows you to get even more storage space than what a traditional trundle bed offers. This type of trundle bed features storage drawers on both sides of the bed plus headboard shelves. You can usually find an extra bed in one of the side drawers.

Trundle daybeds are an option for those who want to sleep two people. The nice thing about a trundle daybed is it also can be used as a couch or sofa when not being used. All trundle beds are cheaper and take up less space than a traditional bed with a bed frame and foundation.

Where can I buy a trundle bed?

You can purchase a trundle bed from your local mattress store, furniture retailer, or department store. Shopping online retailers like Amazon is also a viable option. Trundle beds are popular and widely available wherever mattresses are sold.

How do you assemble a trundle bed?

There are four or five necessary steps to assembling a trundle bed. The first thing you need to do is attach the side rails. Then, you’ll want to attach the top and bottom rails to the head and foot of your bed.

Once that is done, all four rails need to be connected and have slats placed between them. After that, you can then place your mattress on the trundle bed.

Can you add a trundle to any bed?

You cannot just add a trundle to any bed. Trundle beds require a decent amount of vertical space between the original or main bed and the floor. Before investing in a trundle bed, make sure you have at least 16 inches of space under your bed to fit a trundle bed and its mattress.

Do trundle beds come in queen size?

Trundle beds are not commonly sold in queen sizes. You may be able to special order a trundle bed in this larger size. If you’re looking for a trundle bed with a higher weight capacity and more room, consider going with a split king trundle bed. You could also go with one of many trundle bed alternatives mentioned above.

Is a Trundle Bed Right for You?

Trundle beds are a lower cost and space-saving option for hosting overnight visitors. You cannot raise this bed to match the height of the main bed. Pop-up trundle beds can be raised to match the height of a traditional bed. Most trundle beds have a 250-pound weight limit and need a mattress that is 10 inches thick or less.

This type of bed has extra sleeping space for one to two people. The best mattresses to pair with trundle beds are latex, hybrid, and air mattresses. A trundle bed may not be the perfect fit for taller or larger sleepers. For these sleepers, consider investing in a futon, sofa bed, or murphy bed. These beds offer more space and a higher weight capacity.

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