What hazbin hotel character are you

Which Hazbin Hotel Character Are You Quiz

Hell is full of humans but we believe you can help them in checking in back to heaven. If you are asking how then first pass our Best Ever Hazbin Hotel Test which would first testify which Hazbin Hotel character are you and only then you’d be able to enter hell and work in Hazbin Hotel!


Usually, the projects that are big-budgeted grab the attention of viewers, especially the animated ones. However, Hotel Hazbin has been offered through a Youtube channel of a veteran animator. Not only this, but their team has produced, created, and directed all by themselves. One who watches it cannot believe at all that Hazbin Hotel has been established on such a small scale because it is an epic piece. This is one main reason behind its popularity but there’s something more! Hazbin Hotel has brought forward a new comedic, exciting, and exhilarating concept of hell and its being. Trust us, it’s just awesome! We bet you’d feel the urge to watch it after reading the major hints of its storyline if you haven’t watched it up till now.

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Hazbin Hotel is a story that is penned from hell. In hell, Lucifer and his passionate daughter Charlie Morningstar rule everyone who enters it. Don’t think that the ones who are in it are depressed or anything because in Hazbin Hotel Hell is also depicted as a fairly fun face where all the fallen angels live after getting kicked from Heaven. The reason for them leaving Heaven is obviously a load of their incomprehensible sins. Charlie and Lucifer control everything smoothly but for a few years, the inhabitation of Hell has been increasing. As Hell can accommodate a certain number of beings, so Angels from Heaven are tasked to kill the ones who are most sinned at the end of every year.

This situation is unbearable for Charlie as she has to lose her people forever. Charlie wishes to halt this eradication of fallen angels and damned souls through her idea of the rehabilitation hotel. She believes that in this hotel she provides certain environments and therapies that would help them reflect on their sins and they would seek forgiveness. In the end, they’d turn into pure souls and would Check-In in Heaven consequently saving themselves from reaching death. But, do you think his father Lucifer and other fallen angels would condemn this idea? They are all strictly against it but Charlie is determined on her stand with her friends.


We think that you deserve the best and so we have below “The Best And Most Favorite Characters In Hazbin Hotel.” Have a look at them and try to find the one that resembles you!

Charlie Morningstar

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Charlie is the heir to the throne of Hell but she isn’t that bad. She wants to bring change in order to save the lives of even the sinned souls. Not only does she have faith in her determination and decision but Charlie also has some great powers like Demon Transformation, Demonic magic, Pyrokinesis, etc. People who are like Charlie wish to bring change in society though they have limited resources. They wish for betterment for all and if they face problems while doing it even then they don’t blame anyone. They always keep on doing their work, removing obstacles, and waiting for success patiently.


Alastor is a demon whom everyone calls “The Radio Demon” as he was a radio broadcaster before dying. He is the first one in the hotel, not because he wants redemption, Alastor only wishes to pass his time with something exciting. By the way, he has a specific taste and only gets along with mannered and intelligent people, otherwise, he won’t even talk. If you resemble Alastor then it means you have a big social circle (with people of your type). You enjoy flaunting your powers and are always found when something exciting is about to happen.


Everybody calls Vagatha “Vaggie.” She is the girlfriend of Charlie and both complement each other well. Vagatha is always there whenever Charlie needs her and she even becomes the Manager of the rehab hotel on Charlie’s insist. Vaggie is a calm person until anyone annoys her because after that she turns into a vicious demon. Similarly, you are always there for all until they get on your nerves. By the way, you are a great planner as you never mess up things. You live a planned life and hate hustle-bustle.

Angel Dust

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Angel’s real name is Anthony. He is gay and previously was an actor (still very dramatic in nature). Angel thinks that he still has many fans (but that’s not true). His financial conditions are disturbing and he plays a witty trick to enter the rehab hotel to get rid of his expenses but isn’t really going to change. Angel just wants a place to live and some companions. People relating to his character are witty and live in dreams. They procrastinate and love to entertain themselves in bed. You also are a bit lazy and prefer to relax indoors.


Come on, don’t be shy! Tell us who do you want as your date in the Hazbin Hotel? If you can’t pick the best one for yourself then the Hazbin Hotel Trivia would happily do this for you. You just relax and plan for your next romantic date!


Fallen angels and damned souls can be pretty dangerous and frightening in Hell. It’d be better if you find kin in Hell with the Hazbin Hotel Kin Quiz. A good friend and family member would be of great support there.


Here it is! The angels are asking you “Which Hazbin Hotel character are you most like?” Hurry up and tell them about it by answering the Hazbin Hotel Character Quiz!

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