Weligama Sri Lanka: The South Beach of the Country

Weligama, the rising star of Sri Lanka’s tourist destinations, is poised to become the South Beach of the country. With its breathtaking beaches and a surge in boutique hotels, restaurants, and spas, Weligama has quickly become a favorite among affluent travelers seeking a quieter South Beach-style retreat.

A Revitalized Resort Area

The authorities have invested heavily in Weligama, breathing new life into the area. Historic buildings have been restored, and roadsides have been beautifully landscaped. As a result, the number of tourists has doubled since 2010, with over 100,000 visitors arriving last year alone. The 17km stretch of the main road is now adorned with vibrant hotels, resorts, and shops, catering to the young and discerning traveler.

Blue ocean waves at Weligama Beach, Hikkaduwa. Sri Lanka.

A Beach Lover’s Paradise

Weligama beach, despite its modest one-kilometer length, offers an extraordinary experience for beach enthusiasts. Located just a two-hour drive from Colombo airport, Weligama is renowned for its safe swimming conditions and popularity among surfers. In fact, it’s one of the best places in Sri Lanka to learn how to ride the waves. If water sports aren’t your thing, Weligama also offers ample opportunities for yoga and other activities.

Weligama, Sri Lanka - March 5, 2014: Surf boards on sandy Weligama beach in Sri Lanka.

A Flourishing Hospitality Scene

Weligama’s main strip is lined with trendy boutiques, restaurants, and a bustling market that attracts tourists, locals, and weekend visitors from Colombo. Over the past five years, more than 200 small hotels have graced the stretch. Among them, the Weligama Bay Marriott Resort and Spa stands tall, nestled right on the beach. Additionally, luxury hotels like Cape Weligama offer stunning views from elevated headlands and spacious, modern villas and suites.

SouthBeach Weligama

Investment Opportunities and Experiences

Weligama is not just a tourist haven; it’s also attracting foreign investments. The area has witnessed an 84% increase in beachfront land values since 2016, making it an attractive prospect for private villa and apartment developments. One such project, SouthBeach Weligama, promises a five-star experience complete with a restaurant, poolside bar, gym, 35m swimming pool, art gallery, and a music room. With a renowned London nightclub, Mahiki, as its food and beverage partner, this development is set to captivate visitors.

Weligama offers a plethora of experiences beyond its stunning beaches. For the adventurous souls, a visit during the monthly Full Moon Party is an experience like no other, with 100,000 revelers converging on the beach to party all night long. Nature enthusiasts can explore Sri Lanka’s famous Horton Plains National Park, home to World’s End, a breathtaking cliff with a sheer drop of about 4,000 feet.

Worlds End at morning. Horton Plains. Panorama

Wildlife Encounters and Tea Plantations

Sri Lanka’s wildlife is a sight to behold. Ethical wildlife tourism is thriving in the country, with a focus on elephant conservation. At Udawalawe National Park, you can witness around 600 elephants roaming freely. And tea lovers will find paradise in the nearby Handunugoda, a renowned low-country tea plantation famous for its exquisite ‘virgin white tea.’

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Tsunami Statue at sunrise, Sri Lanka

Weligama is waiting to enchant you with its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and unforgettable experiences. Don’t miss your chance to create lifelong memories in this hidden gem of Sri Lanka.

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