Twilight on the erie rv resort

I regret ever booking with this campground. The initial site they gave us was grossly unlevel; even the owner acknowledged that it was a poor site. So, then we moved to another site, which wasn’t much better level wise. We’ve been to a lot of campgrounds, and I’ve never seen such unleveled sites.

The campground owners are extremely knit-picky. They have a laundry list of rules you must agree to, many of which make no sense. For example, if you’re camper, truck, car, or motorhome happens to make a dig in the grass, they will assess you a fee. You cannot have any kindling to help start fires, if you move the picnic table and don’t move it back, they will fine you. Did I mention their speed limit is three mph? You heard right. Try getting your vehicle to go that slow. It’s simply not possible. They even have signs up telling people they can’t ride their bikes faster than three mph. I’m all for safety, but I’ve never been to a campground that had a speed limit less than five mph, and in my opinion, even that is too slow.

The campground is very close to train tracks, so, plan on the pleasant sound of a train going by every hour or so. In the first day we were there I counted a train going by at least ten times. The campground does have a nice pool and playground, but it lacks in every other way. When you pull in, there is construction equipment, old cars, and other debris on your left-hand side. It looks like one of those houses you drive by with tons of junk in their yard. They have a large number of bikes by the office, which I assume are for people to use, but they are just thrown in a big pile (see picture). The campground has rusted tractors scattered around the campground. I assume the owners intend to give the site an antique-like feel, but I felt it made the site feel dumpier.

The campground appears to be primarily for seasonals because most RVs had decks built next to them and most sites gave off the impression that the occupants were not going anywhere for a while. When we were there, our daughter was one of three children we saw. This didn’t appear to be a family-friendly site.

Did I mention the owners will kick you out without cause? It says so right in the paperwork. It also says that you are not entitled to a refund for any unused nights. Don’t try and speak with the owners rationally either. The two owners are husband and wife, and the husband is at least 6’2’’ tall. The wife claimed I was “flying down the hill,” and when I told her I wasn’t, she had her husband confront me outside my car door. When I went to get out of my car, he started screaming at me telling me to get the beep out of his campground. I told him I wanted a refund for the two days left and he refused. He wouldn’t even let me make my case. He just kept talking over me. He got into his truck, and I told him I wouldn’t move until he would speak to me. He just kept backing up and hit me with the side of his truck. Honestly, it was just a tap, and I was fine, but he could have killed me.

I then went to the office and asked if they could be reasonable, and that was all I could get out before the guy threatened to kick my beep and beat the beep out of me. I said we would leave, but he still called the cops on us. You can’t take down a motorhome in a matter of seconds. In my opinion, the owners aren’t mentally sound. The husband admitted they have kicked out “lots” of people. When I told him about the person I saw walking around with an 18 oz can of beer in his hand; he admitted it was his son and told me “so what.” They claim their campground is kid-friendly, but I’ve never been to a campground where people walk around with beer cans. Usually, they drink the beer at their respective campsites.

Don’t waste your time with this campground. It’s dumpy, the campsites stink, and most importantly, the owners can take your money and kick you out for any reason. Maybe I should get my head checked for staying there in the first place.

Why trust my review? Because I took the time to write over 750 words. People need to know about my experience.

The preceding comments are based on my own experiences and are solely my opinion.

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