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Are you planning a trip to Ireland? Navigating the charming landscapes and vibrant cities of this beautiful country can be an amazing adventure. But before you set off, make sure you have the right tools at your fingertips. We’ve got you covered with the ultimate road map for your Irish vacation: the Collins Handy Road Map.

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The Hidden Gem in Your Rental Car

On my first trip to Ireland, I made the rookie mistake of leaving my guidebook with a road map at home. But as luck would have it, my rental car came equipped with a map of Ireland. Although unwieldy and frustrating to fold, it proved to be a reliable companion throughout my journey. However, I soon realized that relying on rental car maps isn’t the best option for a smooth and stress-free vacation.

The Limitations of GPS and Mobile Navigation

You might be thinking, “Why not use GPS or the navigation app on my phone?” While these options can be convenient, they have their drawbacks. GPS systems are only as accurate as their last update, which can lead to unexpected detours. And relying on mobile navigation means using up your precious international data or depending on a portable wifi unit.

The Solution: Collins Handy Road Map

Collins Handy Road Map

In 2013, I discovered the game-changing Collins Handy Road Map, and it has been my go-to travel atlas ever since. Here’s why it’s an absolute must-have for your Irish adventure:

Portable and Convenient

This pocket-sized map is designed for easy use on the go. Its laminated pages fold effortlessly into a thin, lightweight rectangle, measuring approximately 8″ high x 5″ wide. Slip it into your bag or car glove box, and you’re ready to hit the road!

User-Friendly Design

No more struggling to unfold an entire map to find your destination. With the Collins Handy Road Map, you can simply open to the county you’re exploring and quickly locate your desired location. Plus, the color-coded image of Ireland on the front cover makes it a breeze to find the specific map section you need.

Pro Tips for Maximizing Your Map

To make the most of your Collins Handy Road Map, try these handy hacks:

  • Plan Ahead: If you like to map out your routes in advance, bring along a dry erase marker. Circle your starting point, destination, and mark your route. Once you’ve arrived, simply wipe it off and start fresh for the next adventure.

  • Enhance Visibility: The tiny print on the map can strain tired eyes. Consider carrying a credit card-sized magnifier (available at jewelry stores) to help you easily read the details.

  • Stay Oriented: It’s always helpful to know your direction while using a map. If you don’t have a rental car with a built-in compass or struggle with directions, keep a small compass in your travel bag. It will not only assist you during road trips but also prove useful for off-road adventures.

DHPL Travels: Your Trusted Companion

Explore Ireland with confidence, knowing that DHPL Travels has your back. The Collins Handy Road Map is an essential tool for any traveler venturing through the enchanting landscapes and charming towns of Ireland. Don’t miss out on creating unforgettable memories. Plan your journey today with DHPL Travels!

DHPL Travels

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