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You May Be Missing Out on Flight Deals—But Not Anymore!

What is Travel Arrow?

Have you ever wondered if there are better prices out there when booking your flights through Google Flights? Well, you’re not alone! Introducing Travel Arrow, a powerful Chrome extension that can put your worries to rest. With Travel Arrow, you can effortlessly find the best deals without any extra effort on your part. Let me show you how it works.

Discover Unbeatable Flight Deals

Travel Arrow is a free Google Chrome extension that goes above and beyond to ensure you get the best price for your flight. It searches your flight itinerary across major competitors to Google Flights, such as Skyscanner, Kayak, Trip, and Expedia. By opening new tabs and scanning through the search results, Travel Arrow helps you find the most affordable flights. Plus, if you’re looking for domestic flights, Travel Arrow also includes Southwest Airlines, which typically doesn’t display fares on third-party websites.

Travel Arrow vs. Google Flights

Does Travel Arrow really deliver on its promise to beat Google Flight prices? I decided to put it to the test. I searched for a few hypothetical itineraries, and in some cases, Travel Arrow exceeded expectations. For example, when searching for flights from San Francisco to Austin, Google Flights offered the cheapest flight at $281 (via Frontier Airlines) with layovers and a total travel time of 11 hours. However, Travel Arrow found an even cheaper flight through Kayak—a Delta flight with layovers for just $243.

In another example, a flight from Dallas to Madrid priced at $1,916 with a 17-hour travel time on Google Flights. Travel Arrow, on the other hand, found a similar route on Kayak for only $1,083 with a flight time of around 20 hours.

Of course, not every search will result in significant savings, and in some cases, Travel Arrow’s options might be slightly more expensive. However, price isn’t everything. For instance, a search on Google Flights for flights from Atlanta to Rome offered an itinerary with 19 hours of travel time for $1,211. Travel Arrow’s cheapest option via Expedia was $1,128, but with a significantly shorter travel time—around 12 hours.

The true strength of Travel Arrow lies in its ability to quickly search all your options at once, saving you time and effort compared to hopping between different airline and travel booking sites.

Explore Exclusive Airline Deals

Do you have some flexibility in your travel plans? Travel Arrow has more to offer! It also highlights limited-time travel deals. You can discover these exclusive offers in two ways:

  1. Visit an airline’s website, and if there’s an active and relevant deal, Travel Arrow will generate a handy pop-up notification to alert you.
  2. Alternatively, you can search within the extension itself. Simply type in the search bar labeled “filter by hotel/airline,” and any current travel deals will be displayed. No need for tedious keyword searches—just scroll and find the active deals.

Considerations Before Booking

While Travel Arrow can help you save money, it’s crucial to take into account a few considerations before making your final decision. Remember, a cheaper flight isn’t always better:

  1. Time is valuable: Pay close attention to the overall flight time for the options presented to you. Some flights may be slightly cheaper but include layovers that will extend your travel time. It’s essential to weigh the tradeoff between cost and convenience.
  2. Hidden fees: Since Travel Arrow compares prices on third-party sites, be aware that some prices may initially appear cheaper but could have additional fees and charges during the payment process. To ensure complete transparency, it’s worth double-checking your chosen itinerary directly on the airline’s website. You might find a similar price, with the added advantage of easier changes or cancellations.

So why wait? Install Travel Arrow today and unlock a world of incredible flight deals at your fingertips. You deserve the best prices and a stress-free booking experience. Happy travels!

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