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Sri Lanka Hot Spots

The Island of Sri Lanka situated north of the Indian Ocean has so much to offer. It has an amazing geography featuring coastal plains, highlands, and mountains. It is one of top world biodiversity hot spots. Endowed with different animal and plant species, it stands out as a great attraction for tourists.

Sri Lanka Attractions

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It has a tropical climate that keeps visitors warm most of the year. The terrain spots fascinating waterways and beautiful waterfalls. Its coastline has an exceptional marine ecosystem. Its coral reefs and estuarine seagrass are simply breathtaking. The Sri Lanka Island is enriched with rich minerals. Its Gulf of Mannar has petroleum deposits to complement its rich natural resources.

For a breath taking tour to the country’s best parks, car hire agencies provide safe, serviced vehicles for tourists. You get to experience the amazing wildlife with native animal species of leopards, Asian elephants, sloth bears and wild boar. Its ecosystem is also home to porcupines, ant eaters and a variety of deer. For the best scenic view of acacia varieties, ebony, mahogany, teak, and satinwood trees, visitors take a wild trip across the forest terrain. Such trips are interesting and safe with a car for hire.

Sri Lanka is a perfect place for photography. It has beautiful landscapes of forest covers, coastline, and shrubs. The country is also home to over 250 bird varieties found in the bird sanctuaries.

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Travel to major cities and towns in comfort

Sri Lanka is divided into provinces. These include the Western, Central, North and Southern provinces. It is further divided into 25 districts plus local authorities at the municipal, urban and Pradeshiya Sabha levels. Major cities and towns in these regions include; Colombo, Matara, Kagalle, Mannar, and Balangonda. Tomove around large towns like Kandy, Jaffna, Galle and Colombo, you need a quick car rental option from a reliable car hire agency. You can find large and small vehicles suitable for all terrains including those in the interior central parts.

Business Travelers

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Sri Lanka is a business territory that receives visitors on business frequently. It has modern ports to serve its industries. It has a thriving food processing industry, clothing, telecommunication and finance sectors. This is a competitive economy in the world economic sphere. As an emerging market, it attracts investors from across the globe. Car hire providers have luxurious vehicles for these visitors. They come in a wide variety and are in great condition. This is the best way to travel within Sri Lanka on business.

While travelling around Sri Lanka, visitors sample scrumptious dishes enriched with coconut milk, spices, cashew nuts and eggs. Local cuisine servings are in plenty including the popular rice dishes. The people are friendly and a tour to the interior regions reveals an interesting cultural experience. Part of the cultural attraction is the Buddhist festival with decorated elephants. Car hire in Sri Lanka is available in all seasons for such kinds of festivals. Sri Lanka is also home to 8 world heritage sites by UNSESCO.

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