Seven-Star Hospitality Unveiled in Sri Lanka

Aviyana Private Chalets Complex: A Paradigm of Luxury

Aviyana Private Chalets Complex Project is opening its doors to the world in 2023, revolutionizing the hospitality industry in Sri Lanka. Perched atop a majestic 2600 ft high rock in Udispattuwa, Kandy, Aviyana Private Chalets Complex promises an unparalleled seven-star hotel experience, seamlessly blending the nation’s natural beauty with the opulence of the world’s most luxurious accommodations.

A Remarkable First for Sri Lanka

Aviyana Private Chalets Complex boldly ventures where no other Sri Lankan hotel has gone before, embarking on a journey to redefine the concept of luxury. Until now, the idea of a seven-star holiday was merely a dream, considered unattainable in Sri Lanka. Indika Hewawasam, Manager of Aviyana Private Chalets Complex, affirms, “Sri Lanka is undeniably a top-tier tourist destination, recognized internationally for our wellness offerings. However, our tourism revenue falls short compared to other destinations because we fail to attract high-spending tourists who expect unparalleled luxuries.” Aviyana Private Chalets Complex aims to change that narrative, enticing elite visitors such as renowned actors, celebrated musicians, prominent sports figures, and influential businessmen by providing the utmost privacy and world-class services. This ambitious endeavor is poised to make a significant contribution to the local economy, especially during these challenging times. It is estimated that Aviyana Private Chalets Complex will contribute up to 10% of Sri Lanka’s tourism-based economy.

Exquisite Luxury at Every Turn

Comprising 60 opulent chalets, each uniquely designed to cater to the discerning needs of affluent clientele, the Aviyana Private Chalets Complex exudes grandeur and exclusivity. These havens of indulgence boast modern architectural designs and interiors adorned with elegant furnishings sourced from around the world. The chalets feature gold and silver plated marble, superlative furniture, and meticulously crafted bathrooms furnished with imported bathware from Italy and Germany. Many of the luxurious elements are embellished with gold and precious gems. Each chalet boasts a private hot-water pool and a cutting-edge smart home system, ensuring an unforgettable experience while safeguarding the guests’ privacy. Maintaining the utmost commitment to guest well-being, Aviyana Private Chalets Complex employs rigorous hygiene measures. In fact, they offer personalized packages that include the replacement of every piece of equipment in the chalets with brand-new items, further emphasizing their dedication to a pristine, world-class experience.

Aviyana’s unique location adds to its allure, as it can only be accessed by air or via a road exclusively built for this project. The complex is encompassed by 350 square kilometers of untouched wilderness, appealing to the world’s most affluent travelers who crave the ultimate seclusion. Nestled amidst the Knuckles mountain range, Meemure mountain range, and the Pidurutalagala mountains, the chalets offer unrivaled vistas of breathtaking landscapes. Every morning and afternoon, the entire complex is blanketed in mist, creating an ethereal atmosphere. Paying homage to the architectural legacy of Geoffrey Bawa, the chalets seamlessly meld with nature, fostering an environment that feels organic and harmonious. It is worth noting that the construction of the complex was carried out with minimal tree felling, and a six-acre forest reserve has been meticulously maintained adjacent to the chalet complex.

A Bespoke Experience

Aviyana ensures an unparalleled and personalized experience for its affluent clientele. With a farm located on the hotel’s premises, guests have the unique opportunity to handpick their own produce, ranging from fresh vegetables and fruits to aromatic spices. Clients can then choose to prepare their own meals or have a chef create sumptuous dishes using the handpicked ingredients. Further enhancing the quality of their stay, Aviyana offers a dedicated butler service for each chalet, complemented by two exceptional restaurants. Guests can savor the exquisite royal cuisine once enjoyed by the Kandyan Kingdom’s monarchs. Additionally, Aviyana boasts the region’s very first air sports bay, perched on a precipice 1,100 ft above ground level, where thrilling activities such as paragliding await. Nature enthusiasts will revel in exhilarating adventures, including river rafting, invigorating hikes, captivating treks, and captivating safaris within the surrounding forested lands.

Nurturing Spirituality and Wellness

Spirituality and wellness have emerged as burgeoning sectors in global tourism. Aviyana acknowledges the growing trend among affluent tourists who seek solace beyond materialistic pursuits. To cater to these desires, Aviyana offers a meditation and yoga center, providing an oasis for rejuvenation and inner harmony. Moreover, guests have the unique opportunity to explore Buddhism and even experience temporary ordination, immersing themselves in the ancient spiritual wisdom offered by this precious island. With these distinctive offerings, Aviyana aspires to carve its niche within the realm of elite wellness tourism.

By Induwara Athapattu

DHPL Travels

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