Romantic poconos resorts for couples champagne glass tub

Video Romantic poconos resorts for couples champagne glass tub

If you have not heard about or seen the champagne tower suites of Cove Haven Resorts now called “Cove Pocono Resorts”, you are in for a treat! These resorts are the only place in the world where you can soak in a seven-foot champagne glass whirlpool bath for two with a celestial ceiling. Cove Pocono Resorts are in the Poconos region of Pennsylvania, a place once famous for romance.

This is not a sponsored post. We paid to stay at Paradise Stream Resort, and all the opinions are those of Brit on the Move™. And, you know the deal – sponsored or not. I will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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History Behind The Poconos

Once upon a time, back into the 1960’s the Poconos in Pennsylvania was the place to go for romance. Many couples chose this region as their honeymoon spot, and others chose it simply for romance. Pocono Mountains were referred to as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World and The Land of Love.”

International travel was not popular in the 1960s, and the Poconos mountains offer four seasons of endless fun. Summer brings boating, camping, sun-bathing, and golf. The winter offers up sled rides, snowshoeing, skiing, and a host of other winter experiences.

The Poconos were so popular that even John F. Kennedy made a trip to the Poconos in the early 1960s.

Why Did The Poconos Lose Its Popularity?

By all accounts, the rise of other locations like Vegas and the affordability of international travel and cheap cruises essentially rendered the Poconos no longer “hip.” This resulted in many resorts closing or being abandoned during the 1990s.

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The Poconos are still popular but reinvented as a family destination vs. a lover’s nirvana. That is, except for Cove Haven still dominates the region with love.

Name Change

In Jan 2022, Cove Haven Resorts officially changed its name to Cove Pocono Resorts.

Cove Pocono Resorts

There are three resorts that Cove Pocono Resorts.

  • Cove Haven – Address: Cove Haven Resort, 194 Lakeview Dr, Lakeville, PA 18438
  • Paradise Steam – Address: Paradise Stream Resort, 6208 Paradise Valley Rd, Cresco, PA 18326
  • Pocono Palace – Address: Pocono Palace Resort, 206 Fantasy Road, East Stroudsburg, PA 18302

All three locations offer romance-themed rooms and suites in an adult-only setting. These resorts are couples only! Yes! A sprog-free vacation. A comical side note. My nephew, the Monkey was sat with me, looking at the photos as I wrote this. He’s totally bummed that he can’t go! He asked me if he could use a fake ID and get in (insert belly laugh). In his defense, he learned this trick from me. I snuck him into a spa under the guise of him being fifteen when he was nine so that we could bask in mud and hot pools. I told them he was short and had him stand on his tiptoes! The kid, like me, has a thing for spas and tubs:) Unfortunately, he will need to wait until he’s a little older for this one.

So Why Choose Cove Pocono Resorts?

Let start with the obvious, or at least the obvious for me – the champagne glass jacuzzi hot tub. I am a long-time fanatic of baths, saunas, and jacuzzies. And I have a taste for some of the things some people might consider kitschy, gimmicky, or even silly. Ever since seeing the photos of this place, it has been on my radar.

We stayed at Paradise Stream, so this review is about the property at Paradise Stream.

Arrival And Check-In to Cove Haven

Check-in was completely painless. We arrived earlier than four. Unfortunately, our suite was not ready, but this allowed us to eat a late lunch and meet other people.

The Champagne Tower Suite

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When you first pull up to the building that houses the champagne towers, it really looks like a bunker, and it is hard to believe that behind those doors, if something quite so special when we went to the room, it is exactly as you see in the pictures and videos online.

The first thing you see is the 7-foot champagne tower, and then to the left, you can see the heart-shaped swimming pool.

Champagne Tower Suite Amenities

Let us break down the amenities in the suite that brought us on this journey!

  • Cozy log-burning fireplace
  • Glass-enclosed, heated heart-shaped pool
  • Dry sauna
  • Massage table with heat lamp
  • Round king-size bed with celestial ceiling
  • Steam Shower

What Did I think About the Suite?

I “loved” it; pun intended. I was sold on the champagne jacuzzi hot tub, the other amenities were bonuses, and I am no stranger to private pools. Here is me giving it my best shot at an Instagram-worthy “influence pose.” And if you do not know me or my writing style. I am totally sarcastic!

People have asked me if the rooms were clean. And, for context, everyone’s concern seems to be about the anticipated body fluid exchange that would be common.

First, yes! They are spotless – stress spotless. Secondly, don’t all couples get it on in ANY hotel room? I don’t understand how this is any different or why these resorts conjure up images of left-behind body fluid.

Besides, I am also a straight-up pyromaniac. I do not burn houses or anything like that, but I will book a place specifically for a wood-burning fire and often go camping (well, glamping) for this reason alone.

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So, I thought this suite was the shizzle. Bow chicka, bow wow!

Lastly, even though it says couples only. When I shared my photos with my friends, every single one of them said, “I want to go.” So perhaps we will all present ourselves as girlfriends and make a girl’s trip.

Video Tour Of The Champagne Tower Suite

Cost of Champagne Tower Suite

We used a AAA Membership Rate, and here is the breakdown:

  • Room Rate: $552.96
  • Taxes on Room: Sales Tax: $33.18
  • County Tax: $16.59
  • Service Charge: $120.56
  • Resort Fee: $54.50

Total: $777.79 for two nights.

Not cheap by anyone’s standards. However, this rate was all-inclusive except for drinks. All meals were included. For context, we spent Sunday through Tuesday here when the rates were lower and took advantage of a AAA member discount.

Do I think it was worth it? I am torn on this. I think it is reasonable but potentially a little high. Comparatively speaking, I have stayed at some expensive luxury resorts.

For example:

  • Marina Bay Sands – $400 a night
  • Streamsong Resort – $300 a night
  • Big Cypress Lodge – ~$200 a night through the week

None of these resorts included food but are in similar price zones. However, in terms of quality Cove Pocono Resorts pale in comparison.

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