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Manuel Antonio has great weather year-round and there’s always something to see and do here. Surrounded by lively, gorgeous tropical gardens, where one can spot hummingbirds, squirrel monkeys, basilisk lizards and more exotic wildlife, boutique Manuel Antonio Costa Rica hotels are the favorite among families and couples.

Family-friendly Stay Right Next to the Jungle

Manuel Antonio is one of the most visited destinations in the entire country, for good reason. The national park is a great glimpse into a tropical rainforest. Nearby beaches are picturesque and swimmable. The waters are both beautiful and calm.

It’s great for a family with young kids because there are spots where the children can wade in shallow water. There are shaded areas under beautiful trees swaying in the gentle breeze. Older kids and teens especially get a kick out of the closeness of playful monkeys. While in many areas of Costa Rica you’ll see monkeys at a distance, on the beach in Manuel Antonio you will see them swing down from the trees and scurry across your blanket grabbing your sandwich if they’re lucky! (Please don’t feed them!) Couples also love these beaches because of the incredible pictures they can post from them.

Travelers love the feel of Manuel Antonio because it’s all right there at your fingertips. You can hit the beach, go on a hike, try out unique restaurants, buy a souvenir or two, watch the sunset with a fruity cocktail in hand, and sample the classy nightlife scene, all within minutes from your hotel. Even in a hotel with the most secluded feel, you’re still just a short taxi ride away.

Are there all-inclusive hotels in Manuel Antonio?

In short, there are no all-inclusives in Manuel Antonio, but for good reason. While at first an all-inclusive sounds wonderfully attractive, it’s appeal works in some areas better than in others. In a secluded area, you may want to stay on the premises all day because that’s where all the action is. Plus, it is nice to not have to carry around a wallet or do math to pay for things while on vacation.

On the contrary, in areas with a lot to do, you have to consider that you will spend a considerable amount of time out of your hotel and off its grounds. This is the case in Manuel Antonio, an adventure and activity hotspot.

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There’s so much to see and do outside of the hotels because Manuel Antonio itself is a playground to enjoy. In a town where you can stay on the beach or explore all day, why go back to the hotel three times just to eat?

Would you end up paying for all you can drink onsite and then paying again for the convenience of drinks where you are each day? Remember, you can easily grab a bite on your way between adventures or choose a tour that includes a snack or meal. There are so many great restaurants and cafes to check out that it’d be a shame to stay confined to one all inclusive hotel in Manuel Antonio. It’s more convenient—and lighter on your bank account—to eat and drink as you go from one fun activity to another exciting excursion to a relaxing hideaway. In Manuel Antonio, a hotel is for sleeping. As nice and comfy as it is, you will be out and about for much of your stay.

Where Should I Stay In Manuel Antonio?

Upscale choices among Manuel Antonio’s best hotels and resorts are perched high above the sweeping Central Pacific coastline, taking advantage of photo-perfect views of the Pacific Ocean and the National Park’s green peninsula.

Secluded luxury beach resorts and hotels, such as Arenas del Mar, Los Altos and Parador boast spectacular panoramic views, world-class amenities, and fine dining to top it all off. These are at the top of our “best luxury hotel in Manuel Antonio” list, for sure!

Arenas del Mar, Los Altos and Falls Resort all offer top-notch food and boutique level service combined with the comfort and privacy you would have at a luxury resort.

Let’s take a closer look into a few of our incredible properties:Arenas del Mar is the only eco-luxury hotel right on the beachfront in all of Manuel Antonio. The oceanfront ambiance makes for a privileged feel you won’t soon forget.

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At the Falls Resort, “Gorgeous” doesn’t even begin to describe the gardens of orchids and fruit trees that hummingbirds and sloths call home. You could easily spend an entire afternoon wildlife watching in the lush gardens.

Gaia, which allows guests only 13 or older, is a mostly adults-only property surrounded by nature. This hotel features a scarlet macaw reintroduction program that’s really worth checking out. It’s also home to the Ambar Lounge, a hot spot known for tapas and live music at “sunset happy hour.”

Buena Vista Beach Villas offers a more down-to-earth beachfront vacation. It’s laid back and authentic. It’s eight rooms are just a short ride from town and there are also restaurants and bars onsite. Here, you can fall asleep to the sound of the sea and wake up to a refreshing shower with botanical toiletries.

Los Altos, with fully furnished luxurious apartments and access to a private beach, is home to one of the most popular restaurants in town, Karola’s. Even if you stay somewhere else, make a stop in for a meal. You won’t regret it.

Parador has lots onsite, including a mini-golf course, a tennis court, and a spa that has old-world charm coupled with modern practices to bring all of your senses to a new dimension of serenity. It’s paradise!

Those traveling with kids, or adults who are kids at heart, will love the waterslide and movie theater at Si Como No. It’s, by far, the best kid-friendly option, although many couples choose it, too.

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Looking for something more on the green side, like an ultimate jungle experience but still near Manuel Antonio? You can check out Rafiki Safari Lodge. Set 20 miles inland, away from the hustle and bustle of the coastal town, Rafiki Safari Lodge is one of the most unique places in all of Costa Rica. It’s housing structures were sent there directly from South Africa! Both families and couples rave about their experience there.

Overlooking the emerald green pond and resting on the lush backdrop of Los Quetzales National Park, the glamorous safari tents provide comfort and protection from the elements while allowing guests direct contact with a pristine jungle. These tents are complete with private bathrooms and patios with rocking chairs. Onsite, you’ll also find one of the fastest jungle waterslides in the whole world and a restaurant featuring South African grilling skills. The best way to get from the rancho or restaurant to the pool is via the waterslide!

Have you always secretly dreamed of spending the night in an airplane, perched on a cliff overlooking the tropical bay? Is this not every man’s dream as a little boy? Considered the pride of quirkiness among Manuel Antonio hotels is Costa Verde, featuring great vistas and a variety of lodging units, including, you guessed it—a vintage Boeing 747! Ask around for the history of the plane, still somewhat of a mystery or debate, and you’re sure to hear at least 2-3 completely different stories. You can be the judge or even imagine another scenario that might have brought it here. In any case, “When I stayed overnight in a vintage plane in Costa Rica…” starts your next story to impress around the dinner table. Can you see the mouths drop and heads turn?

Why trust us?

Honestly, we’ve seen the good, the bad, the ugly, and the best. We know that not everything that looks luxurious online lives up to expectation and that there are some hidden gems worth seeing. We won’t steer you wrong. Rest assured, you’re in the hands of the experts…the same experts that checked into each and every option we offer and gave it our very selective seal of approval.

All Manuel Antonio Costa Rica hotels featured on this page are well known by us and are regularly checked by our staff to ensure that the service, installations, and management remain high quality. We take client feedback seriously and love to hear about fabulous trips at locations we can feel confident about sending more guests too.

Still not sure what you want? No problem! With so many options, it’s a common dilemma. Feel free to get in touch with one of our travel consultants, at 1-800-606-1860, to start talking through potential plans today. Within the scope of the options we offer, you can’t make a bad choice. Still, we’ll guide you to the very best one to suit your individual travel needs and make sure you and yours have an exceptional time.

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