Rayzr Travel Lite: A Game-Changer in the Half-Ton Camper Market

The Innovative Cabover-Less Design of Rayzr Travel Lite Campers

In September 2015, Travel Lite made waves in the truck camper industry with the introduction of Rayzr, a brand-new truck camper brand. What set Rayzr apart from the competition was its unique cabover-less design. Unlike traditional truck campers, Rayzr campers resembled semi-sleepers, making them a bold entry into the half-ton camper market.

Rayzr FB Review

Targeting Half-Ton Short Bed Trucks

The Rayzr FB, one of the models in the Rayzr line, was specifically designed to cater to half-ton short bed trucks. Dustin Johns, President of Travel Lite, explained that every model in the Rayzr lineup is compatible with half-ton trucks, offering the maximum payload capacity possible. Additionally, the Rayzr FB is compatible with both short and long bed trucks, making it incredibly versatile.

Rayzr FB truck camper for short or long bed trucks

Keeping it Simple and Practical

To achieve the lightest weight, minimize costs, and ensure truck compatibility, Rayzr campers are designed without basements. They are built with kiln-dried Banak wood frames and hung wall construction, with netting instead of cabinet doors in many areas. The goal was to keep the Rayzr simple and practical, avoiding unnecessary complexities.

Rayzr FB on a half ton Ford F150

Inside the Rayzr FB: A Closer Look

The Rayzr FB model, in particular, offers a highly functional layout. It features a front bed, sink, nine-gallon fresh water tank, propane stove, and a propane heater. Under the bed, there’s even space to store a cooler, making it ideal for weekend trips. With its compact yet well-designed interior, the Rayzr FB proves that you don’t need a large camper to enjoy a comfortable camping experience.

Rayzr Camper view from front door

Evaluating the Floor Plan: Small but Mighty

With a floor plan measuring just over 7-feet square, the Rayzr FB makes the most of its compact size. It offers a bed, kitchenette, propane heat, optional air conditioning, and ample storage opportunities. Everything you need is within arm’s reach. The only thing missing is a bathroom, but considering the Rayzr’s low weight and cost, this is a reasonable compromise.

Rayzr Camper kitchen and cabinets

A Few Tweaks for Improvement

While the Rayzr FB is an impressive camper, there are a few areas that could benefit from refinement. The kitchenette, for example, could offer more counter space by using a combination sink and cooktop unit. The counter extension should also be repositioned to avoid interfering with the bed. Additionally, the addition of a hot water heater, exterior shower, and larger fresh water tank would enhance the camper’s appeal even further.

The Rayzr FB: Lightweight and Half-Ton Compatible

Despite a few minor improvements, the Rayzr FB is undeniably a game-changer in the half-ton truck camper market. Its low weight, low price, and maximum truck compatibility make it a top choice for RV enthusiasts looking for a low-cost, hard-side truck camper for their half-ton short bed truck. With a Rayzr FB mounted on a half-ton truck, you get the best of both worlds: a practical camper and a versatile daily driver.

For more information on Rayzr Travel Lite and their innovative camper lineup, visit DHPL Travels.

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