Pet friendly hotels in puerto rico

Planning a vacation is exciting every time, especially if you are thinking of visiting sunny Puerto Rico. But, there are always some factors that can wake up a bit of stress, like for example, who will take care of your dog? Our pets are part of the family, and we want to include them in such important events like vacations. After all, traveling with your best friend is always a good idea.

Your furry friend can be part of your next adventure to the Caribbean without much hassle. Nowadays, business owners are more aware of the benefits of traveling with pets, and you can find numerous places where your dog will feel welcomed, like restaurants, and pet-friendly hotels in San Juan like La Concha Resort, to give the whole family a unique experience.

Here are some questions you might have before planning an escape with your new PAW-rtner in travel that can help you make it more enjoyable:

What are the benefits of traveling with my fur buddy?

Bringing your dog along for some beach therapy is double the fun! Think of all the Instagram-worthy moments you will encounter along the way. You will also feel more secure, since you will always have a mini bodyguard beside you. And walking a dog in a new city, would even make you look more like a local, which is always a plus.

Another great benefit of traveling with your dog is that it will make you stick to a routine during your stay: you will not oversleep and you will have to go on daily walks which is the perfect way of exploring your destination.

What do I need for the airport and plane?

Do your research and learn your airline’s pet policy, since they can vary per company, and can change from time to time. Know which FAA approved carrier is ideal and comfy for your buddy, learn about the required documents and other essentials to have handy so your airport check-in process is a breeze. Pack your carry on with all you need to make your little pup as relaxed as possible during the flight and arrival at an unknown place. Visit the vet beforehand to assure your dog is ready to travel. Happy pup, happy family… and happy neighboring passengers.

Bring all his necessities like bed, favorite toys, bowls, meds, blankets, leash, collar and ID tag with contact information. Packing for two or more isn’t anywhere near light, but you will want to feel light enough to carry all this around the airport, including him and his carrier.

What to know before booking my pet-friendly hotel in San Juan?

Not only should you look for a pet-friendly hotel in San Juan, but also be sure it is located in a favorable neighborhood for your comfort. At La Concha Resort in Condado, your well-mannered small and medium sized dog is more than bienvenido! While the amenities for you are countless, the perks for your four-legged companion are top-notch. See our dog-friendly policy here.

Even your fur-baby is part of the iconic hot happenings at La Concha. The Doggies and [email protected] Fashion Series event was held to celebrate your love for fashion and paws with a special cocktail, fashion show, and many more surprises.

You can both enjoy breakfast together and then take a walk on the beach and around Condado, where you will find a paw-friendly stop on almost every corner. Remember, your dog should always be on his leash, and don’t forget to be considerate and keep the safety of others in mind at all times. You know your pet, so only you know whether or not they will enjoy traveling.

At La Concha Resort, your pet is our VIP (Very Important Pet), and we can assure that this will be an iconic getaway that will make you want to tell all your amigos about traveling with your pet, and will keep him wagging his tail up until your next visit. Contact us and book today!

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