Papa roach last resort release date

Video Papa roach last resort release date

PAPA ROACH will release a new version of its classic song “Last Resort” on Wednesday, January 27. The reworked track is collaboration with genre-bending pop/rock musician and TikTok star Jeris Johnson, whose videos have earned him over 950,000 followers on the social media platform.

Last year, PAPA ROACH singer Jacoby Shaddix revealed that he and his bandmates had recorded three new versions of “Last Resort” featuring several guest vocalists.

“There’s somebody from the modern rock era that’s fucking speaking to the people for the people right now,” he told Rock Sound TV. “He’s a badass. And there’s somebody from the hip-hop scene. There’s three people in total. There’s somebody from the hip-hop scene that’s old school, and there’s somebody from the current hip-hop that’s going on right now.

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“It’s gonna be fun to play with and a cool way to celebrate the track,” he added. “It’s got the right edges to it, it’s got the right people, man, so it feels authentic.

‘Last Resort’ is one of those kind of timeless-type tracks, and we wanted to get people that we felt would stand that test of time.”

Last November, Jeris shared a behind-the-scenes video in the studio with Shaddix. In the background, a clip of the new “Last Resort” version could be heard. Another video, featuring more footage from the sessions, was posted on Johnson‘s Instagram last week.

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PAPA ROACH recently entered a studio in Southern California to begin recording the follow-up to 2019’s “Who Do You Trust?” album for a tentative mid-2021 release.

Last September, Shaddix told Shroom of the WEBN radio station about the band’s new music: “This stuff is fire. It feels so good to be back in and creating music with the guys. Especially ’cause we’re not on the road, it’s a good thing for us to do is to get together and live our purpose. Creating is, I believe, my life’s purpose — writing songs and connecting with people through music.

“The stuff is, some of it’s really aggressive and abrasive and angry, and some of it is very self-reflective as well in the sense of, like, I’m really digging deep into some stuff,” he revealed.

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Last July, Shaddix told Rock Sound TV that PAPA ROACH‘s next album will be released through band’s own record company. “We are in partnership with Warner/ADA, and so it’s like an artist services group,” he explained. “And we’re gonna do that for an album and see how it works out. We’ve been super focused in the creative marketing behind what we do and the imaging and the videos and the messaging and everything, we were, like, let’s take it in our hands and see where we can go with it and try it for an album.”

“Who Do You Trust?” was released in January 2019. The disc was produced by Nick “RAS” Furlong and Colin Cunningham except for the song “Top Of The World”, which is helmed by Jason Evigan.

Last month, PAPA ROACH released a five-song EP, “20/20”, featuring “new takes on old jams,” including “Last Resort” and “Scars”.

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