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If you’re a mom on the move, planning a trip with your little one, you know that your travel checklist keeps growing. One essential item you won’t want to overlook is a nursing pillow for travel. Now, you might be thinking, “How am I going to pack a nursing pillow?” Well, seasoned moms always think ahead, and we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Introducing Tushbaby, the ultimate baby carrier that doubles as a nursing pillow. With its ergonomic design, hip seat carrier, and five roomy storage pockets, Tushbaby is a game-changer for traveling moms. And the best part? It’s TSA-friendly. So buckle up, mom, because it’s time for a well-deserved vacation.

On the Go Nursing Pillow

Table of Contents

  • Can I travel with a nursing pillow?
  • Does a pillow count as a carry-on TSA?
  • Should I bring a nursing pillow on the airplane?
  • What to look for in a portable nursing pillow for travel

Can I travel with a nursing pillow?

The answer depends on your mode of transportation and the size of your nursing pillow. If you’re traveling by car, you’ll have more storage flexibility. But for air travel, be mindful of tight quarters and check the airline’s policy regarding larger pillows. Fortunately, with Tushbaby, you can travel with a nursing pillow that doubles as a baby carrier. Simply strap it on and wear your baby facing in or out. When it’s feeding time, seamlessly change positions. Its open design makes it ideal for travel, providing convenience for you and comfort for your little one.

Does a pillow count as a carry-on TSA?

In most cases, pillows aren’t counted as carry-on items when flying. However, it’s always a good idea to check your airline’s allowances. If you plan to bring your nursing pillow on board, make sure it’s TSA-approved. Tushbaby, our carrier, is TSA-approved and the perfect companion for your travels. With its functional storage pockets, you can keep all your baby and travel necessities close, giving you peace of mind as you navigate new places with your baby. Plus, since Tushbaby functions as both a nursing pillow and a baby carrier, you’ll have one less thing to pack. You’re welcome!

Should I bring a nursing pillow on the airplane?

Absolutely! Nursing in public can be challenging without added support, especially on a plane. Having your nursing pillow will keep your arms, neck, and back supported during feeds, and it can help ease the discomfort of your baby’s ears on the flight.

While we recommend bringing a nursing pillow on your next trip, not all pillows are suitable for travel. Here are some tips on what to look for in a portable nursing pillow:

  • Comfort: A comfortable nursing pillow is a must, especially when traveling. Tushbaby offers both mom and baby comfort with its memory foam-lined seat and built-in lumbar support.
  • Portability: Choose a nursing pillow that is small, light, and easy to store when not in use. Unlike other pillows, Tushbaby can be easily folded and tucked away in your carry-on bag or suitcase.
  • Safety: Safety is paramount when it comes to products for your baby. Tushbaby’s secure shelf-like seat and anti-slip fabric patch ensure the highest level of safety and comfort while nursing.
  • Lightweight: Traveling with a baby can be challenging, so having a lightweight nursing pillow is essential to avoid feeling weighed down.
  • Multi-functional: Tushbaby is not just a nursing pillow; it’s also a baby diaper bag, carrier, mommy fanny pack, and more. It helps keep your packing list manageable and saves you from carrying extra baby baggage.
  • Storage pockets: When traveling, easy access to nursing necessities is crucial. Tushbaby’s functional storage pockets allow you to keep everything within reach, so you won’t have to dig through your luggage at the airport or during the flight.
  • Back support: Traveling with a baby and luggage can strain your back. Tushbaby’s ergonomic design helps distribute your baby’s weight evenly, supporting your back and ensuring nursing comfort.

Ready to pack your bags? Tushbaby is the best on-the-go nursing pillow and baby carrier for travel! Visit DHPL Travels to check out our vegan leather tote bag, the Totebaby, which comes fully stocked with an organizer, slim fold-up changing pad, removable crossbody strap, and divider pocket. It’s the perfect companion for carrying your Tushbaby when not in use. With plenty of room for all your essentials, you and your new bag of tricks will be ready for take-off.

You deserve a break, Mom. Whether you’re on vacation or not, get the support you need from Tushbaby!

Tushbaby Nursing Pillow

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