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The reason Sri Lanka is shown in the map of India is because of the laws of the sea, which are called Ocean Laws.

You must have seen the map of India many times and you must have noticed that the map of Sri Lanka is also shown in it. But, this does not happen with Pakistan, China or any neighboring country. Countries other than Sri Lanka are never shown in the map of India. Ever wondered why this happens? It is not that we have good relations with Sri Lanka, so there is no problem in showing it in the map of India, while there is an important reason behind it.

Yes, due to some special reason the map of Sri Lanka is also shown in the map of India. In such a situation, today we know what is the reason, due to which Sri Lanka is shown in the map of India and how important is the role of the Indian Ocean in this…

Why does this happen?

Showing Sri Lanka in the map of India does not mean that India has any right over it or that there is any such agreement between the two countries. Actually, behind doing this is the law of the sea, which is called Ocean Law. The initiative to make this law was taken by the United Nations i.e. United Nations, after which this law came into existence.

Let us tell that to make this law, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS-1) conference was first organized in the year 1956 and after that the result of this conference was declared in 1958. Actually, in this UNCLOS-1, there was a consensus regarding the boundaries and treaties related to the sea. After this, three conferences were organized till 1982, in which work was done to recognize the laws related to the sea at the international level.

What is Law of the Sea?

When the law was made, it was decided that it is mandatory to show the base line of any country i.e. the place falling between 200 nautical miles from the base line in the map of India. Simply understand, if a country is situated on the seashore or a part of it is connected to the sea, then in this case the area around the country’s border will also be shown in the map of that country.

This is the reason why Sri Lanka is shown in the map of India, because it comes within 200 nautical miles. All the places coming within a distance of 200 nautical miles from the border of India are shown in the map.

How much is 200 nautical miles?

If we look at nautical miles in kilometer terms, then there are 1.824 kilometers (km) in one nautical miles (nmi). Accordingly, 200 nautical miles means 370 kilometers. In such a situation, the area up to a distance of 370 km from the border of India is shown in the map of India. Because of this, even after being a second country, Sri Lanka is included in the map of India.

How far is Sri Lanka from India?

Talking about the distance from India to Sri Lanka, the distance from Dhanushkodi in India to Sri Lanka is only 18 miles. It is clear from this that because of this Sri Lanka occupies an important place in the map of India and this is the reason that there is no dispute on it. Other marines also follow the same rule.

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