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Basic overview:

Hotel Hideaway is a social game designed for making friends. The game allows you to interact with players, go to rooms and find secret entrances, buy new clothes and get free ones from the spinner! Get involved with the fashion shows and all sorts of fun games and conversations that are held!! This website will show you how to do gestures, unlock stickers and much more


With the development of the game you can now use a lot of gestures!! Some are a simple touch of a button e.g if you touch the head you can nod, but some are more complex and you have to drag a series of buttons.

Nod: head

Shake of head: head, yellow hand

Praise: head, shirt

Bow: head, shirt, blue line

Bow #2: shirt, blue line, bottom left grey box

Curtsey: shirt, blue line, bottom right grey box

Salute: shirt, head, top left grey box

Quick doze off: top right grey box, head, shirt

Sneeze: purple hand, head, top right grey box

Devil horns: purple hand, top right grey box, head

Peace sign: blue line, shirt, head, top right grey box

Laugh: yellow hand, shirt, head

Cry: yellow hand, head, purple hand

Question: purple hand, head, yellow hand

Clap: yellow hand, shirt, purple hand

Proposal: green leg, bottom left grey box, blue line

Kiss: yellow hand, head, top left grey box

Wave #1: yellow hand

Wave #2: purple hand

Single kick: green leg

Double kick: green leg, bottom left grey box

1 leg wobble: purple leg, bottom right grey box

Gangnam style: shirt, blue line, purple foot, middle right grey box

Twist and flip: bottom left grey box, green foot, shirt, purple foot, bottom right grey box

Shuffling: yellow hand, green foot, blue line, purple foot, purple hand

Dance #1: blue line, green foot, shirt, purple hand, head

Dance #2: middle left grey box, yellow hand, shirt, purple hand, middle right grey box

Dance #3: top right grey box, purple hand, head, yellow hand, top left grey box

Jump: blue line, shirt, head

Spin: shirt, green leg, blue line, purple leg

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Facepalm: purple hand, head

Sassy: head, yellow arm, middle left grey box

Red fist: head, shirt purple arm

Handshake??: top left grey, head, shirt

Twerking: shirt, green leg, bottom left grey, blue line, bottom right grey, purple foot

Selfie: top left grey, yellow hand, head

Point: yellow hand, middle left grey box

2 people gestures:

There are now two people gestures, these are gestures that you can do with your friends, as you tier up you get many more options and upgraded versions of certain gestures e.g hugs and kisses.

To do a two person gesture, press the other persons avatar and then tap the little blue button with two people.

Once you do that, the gesture pad will come up amd you now have the option to do a two person gesture.

Selfie: can be done with anyone, top left grey, yellow hand, head

Point: can also be done with anyone, yellow hand, middle left grey box.

Tier 1 two people gestures:

Bow: head, shirt

Hug: head, yellow hand, shirt, purple hand

Kiss: yellow hand, head, top left grey box


Yes!! You can collect and send stickers too!! Unfortunately I don’t know how to get all of them but if you know how to get some and I haven’t put them in, please share in the comments. You start off with some stickers so I won’t put them in here.

Angel Lulu: to receive this you must play hotel hideaway for 5 days in a row without getting muted

Gift Lulu: although it says in the stictionary that you must complete all 1&2 star sets it comes randomly whilst spinning the wheel!

Blushing Lulu: in order to collect this sticker you must become friends with someone of the opposite gender

Explorer Lulu: Go to all the rooms in the hotel to get this sticker

Not amused Lulu: write in your bio “chess is the name of the game”

Grumpy Herman: this sticker is special as it also gives you rage skin, to retrieve this sticker you must go behind Herman the janitor and change your expression from angry-sad repetitively and when you log on again later you should recieve the sticker!

Noob: This sticker is currently unavailable as it used to come from adventures but with the recent updates they removed adventure. If you have this sticker I ask you not to use it for teasing the beginners.

Hello: speak your first word on hotel hideaway and there you go!

Lol: simple, just say Lol

Swag: you must buy the full summer set and wear it to unlock this

Xoxo: send a few private messages to your friends

Rofl: use the “lol” sticker quite a few times, but make sure you don’t get muted.

Brb: don’t turn your device off but just exit the game (with it still running in the back ground) then come on a few seconds later

Omg: wear the combover hair and do gangnam style

Kissing cupcake: go to yours or your friends room and send flying kisses!!

Knuckle punch: use the fist gesture in the same room with a friend to unlock this sticker

Flirty heart: make your first friend!

Proposal bird: do both the curtseys, kiss and proposal gesture

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Hugging: it must be friendship!!! Gather around the campfire at the beach with full seats and add everyone there to get this sticker

Broken heart: I believe you have to delete a friend to get this… It was good while it lasted

Yolo: gangnam style with Herman hair whilst putting up the “omg” sticker.. maybe do this multiple times? It should come 1-2hrs later

Censored: go to the janitors closet and gangnam style with Herman hair whilst putting the yolo sticker up, do this about 5-10 times and the sticker should come 1-2hrs later

Troll: This one is the luck of the draw, after the spin zooms in and doesn’t land on a 3/4/5 star a certain amount of times, the sticker eventually comes.

Heart background: simple, go to someone’s room and lie on their bed for 10 minutes DONT go off screen or let your avatar fall asleep, then teleport to them after the 10 minutes has passed.

Croc: get declined a certain amount of times when friending people.

Changing your bio, name and signing up:

Once you join hotel hideaway you will see your name down the bottom of the screen, if you click that you can edit your bio. There is an option to change your name, you get one free name change but use it carefully as after that you have to pay 1000 diamonds to change it again.

To sign up to Hotel Hideaway, you are needed to have a game enter account or Facebook account, these are really easy to make! You can then have up to 6 accs merged together.

Sending friend requests, accepting them and upgrading:

To send a friend request touch the player you would like to send a request to, their name will pop up with a few buttons, select the button that has a person with lines next to it. Down the bottom of their bio will be a button that says “request friendship” to send the request you are required to send a stamp. Did someone send you a request but you don’t know how to accept?? Well, touch the blue button on the side of your screen and touch the friend request, you must send a stamp back in order to accept.

If you want to decline a request simply touch the button with an “X” through a mail sign.

The maximum friendship level is tier 5, unfortunately you can’t just send 5 stamps and become tier 5. You have to level up one by one. 

What are stamps?:

Stamps are used for sending requests and accepting them. Each stamp has a different regeneration time, the last one being 12 hours. These only regenerate when you’re online

Clothing and cool effects:

When you join Hotel Hideaway you are given a default set of clothes. When you go to the oasis lobby you will notice a spinning wheel, if you tap on the wheel you will notice you get spins. Spin the wheel, if you get a new item you will get an extra spin. When you start getting duplicates go over to the recycler (the robot next to the tailor of fortune) you can ever save your doubles and recycle and get new items or a higher level duplicate, or you can sell them for money. Please don’t get your hopes up too high with the spinning wheel as it usually just gives out 1-2 stars. Once you complete a set you get rewards.. The one star sets give you 50 diamonds and a special feature added to the outfit, the 2 stars also a get a special feature but recieve 250 coins… The 3-5 stars are where it gets exciting! 3 star sets give you a different effect for each set plus 1000 diamonds, 4 star sets get a different effect too but they recieve 5000 diamonds. The 5 star sets gives you a great amount of 25000 diamonds and an amazing effect!!!

You can also buy clothing from the stores located at the Oasis lobby, beach and Velvet Lounge. The higher star rated an item is the more it costs.

You can also buy clothing colours and hair colours

Secret rooms:

So we know there’s the Oasis Lobby, Fusion Kitchen, Beach and Velvet Lounge but did you know there’s also secret rooms!?

So far there are only 4 secret rooms but there are possibly more being developed!

Arcade: the arcade is located at the beach, there is a stage with a dj set and there are often fashion shows being held there! A few speakers surround that area and between two of the speakers is an opening with a pole.. Tap that area and there you go you’re in the arcade!

Library: the library is found in the arcade… If you look around the arcade floor you’ll see a book, select the book and you’ll find yourself in the library

Janitors office: there are two ways into this secret room, there is a small door next to the tailor of fortune but there is also a way through the library. If you touch the exit from the library you’ll spawn in the janitors room!

Wine cellar: this one is a little different, it requires 3 people to enter this room. Bring your friends to fusion kitchen, there is 3 buttons on 3 different walls. Once all three buttons have someone on them you’ll get teleported to the cellar!

Sauna: the sauna is found in the spa,near the massage table to the right, youll find a door. This is the enterance to the sauna


Vamos are designed for parties and so you can spawn in the same dimension as your friends, they are now free to use. If you’re already friends with the people/person you want to go somewhere with just press on their bio and press the “go to” button

How to speak and send stickers:

At the bottom left of your screen there is a section that says “enter text” touch that and type, sadly you have a limit on how much text you can type. So if you want to write a big paragraph it’s going to be in small pieces. There is a smiley face next to the enter text section press that and double tap the sticker you want to send!!

How do I get muted and what does it mean?

you no longer get muted completely, however. If you say a word really fast and repeat it over and over e.g O x10 trash bot will start eating your word, but not anything else you say. Although you can still say the word in a sentence.

Did you know that you can interact with furniture!?

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That’s right!! You can sit down on chairs, lay down in your bed, read books and much more!!

Daily rewards:

Every day you’re active you get a reward! These rewards include clothes, coins and diamonds!! It’s a good idea to save up your coins and diamonds for new clothes, hair colours and clothing colours! You can also convert 200 diamonds into 4250 coins if you press the + button on the coins or diamonds!!

With every daily reward you get 3 cookies to hand out, 6 ads to watch, rift reward multipliers

Different text codes and fonts:

Yes! You can add colour to your text and change the style! Unfortunately some are only visible to your eyes. In order for these colour codes to work you must spell colour as “color”

Blue: <color=blue>

Green: <color=green>

Purple: <color=purple>

Orange: <color=orange>

Red: <color=red>

Yellow: <color=yellow>

White: <color=yellow>

Black <color=black>

For different colours you can do any 6 digit alphanumeric code e.g <#NT903Y> For a specific code look up “color codes” and go to the HTML webpage

Bold: <b>

Italics: <i>

Small text: <sub> or <sup>

Underlined: (visible to you only) <u>

Different sized writing: (visible to you only) e.g <size=100>

Writing outside of the box: (jumbled and visible to you only) <size=-100>

To change to a different font or back to normal: e.g <b> hello </b> <i> how are you today?


With your daily reward you get 3 cookies to hand out to other people in hotel hideaway sort of like facebook likes/pokes. Although I ask you to think before you go begging for cookies as there are people around the world who are starving and would do anything for a bit of food. To hand your 3 cookies out, go onto someone profile and under the cookie jar there should be a hand. Touch the hand to give one cookie.

Getting banned:

getting banned is something you really don’t want to do, if staff have noticed that you’ve been behaving in a way that’s inappropriate to the hotel, or other plays have reported you to staff, they will have a discussion about what to do and you will possibly get banned. You can however get your account back, as long as you change your ways and apologise. You may want to send them an email if this happens which can be found on their website (link down below)

Trash bot:

What is the trashbot? The trashbot is here to filter out offensive language, such as racial slurs. It also filters out a lot of sexual content, but people still find ways to say what they want, by adding extra letters in between the word. Trashbot eats a word if you spam it over and over.

Rifts and warpers:

What is a rift? A rift is a little gold or blue circle you will find in a public room (Oasis Lobby, Fusion Kitchen, Velvet Lounge or the Beach) a gold rift is for coins and a blue rift is for diamonds, the higher your level the more coins/diamonds you’ll recieve. When you press on one of these, you’ll see 2 options, a single warper and a group of warpers. If you press the singular one, your warper works on its own and gets you coins/diamonds. If you press a group one, you and 4 of your friends can earn a bonus amount, because warpers all work together, the higher the tier of friendship you are, the more you earn. You can also watch ads to speed the process up by 15 minutes (you also get two ads to watch for a free spin every day) you also have an option to multiply your reward by 4. Have fun rifting!!

Loot Boxes:

A loot box is a feature added late 2017, this allows you to earn many things such as clothes, diamonds, coins, spins, cookies! Loot boxes have 3 different categories, a standard box which usually contains more common items. A golden box, this steps the rarity up a bit, and a crystal box which can be earned by getting a gold box, the crystal box contains extra items and has a guarenteed uncommom/rare item.

I update this page whenever I find out new info or after a major update, sometimes I’ll be delayed because of personal life.

If I have left anything out PLEASE put it in the comment section, I no longer have a HH instagram, but if you want to personally dm me for more information about the game etc. my personal is @ione_ariana_fleur_1121

If you want to find me on hotel hideaway my username is “ione” commonly mistaken for “Lone”

Feel free to ask any questions, I answer them all! To check the official web page click the link below 

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