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In the hotel business, it’s all about creating a great impression with your guests. From the moment they walk through your doors, they should be immediately impressed with how clean, beautiful and put-together your building is. This impression should only grow stronger as they enter their room. But how do you achieve this? How do you make your guests feel they’ve just walked into a place where they’ll be safe, comfortable and cared for?

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Decorative Towels Folding:

How to Fold Towel Animals:

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  • How to Fold Romantic Towel Swans
  • How to Fold a Hand Towel
  • How to Fold Towel Snails
  • How to Fold a Bath Towel for Shelf or Closet Storage
  • How to Fold Towel Snakes
  • How to Roll Towels Like a Spa
  • How to Fold Towel Elephants
  • How to Do a Fancy Pocket Fold for a Hanging Towel
  • How to Fold Towel Crabs

Creating this atmosphere isn’t a matter of changing one specific thing. Rather, it’s a combination of lots of little things that all work together to wow your guests. It’s little things like the way the bedclothes are neatly made, the carpets are vacuumed, the bathrooms are spotless, and everything is in its place. One of these details that you might not initially think of, but that can have a significant impact when done right, is your towels.

The way your towels are folded can go a long way toward creating an instant feeling of sophistication and class, or neglect and disrepair. To help you hit just the right note with your guests from the minute they walk through your doors, we want to talk to you today about how to fold your towels.

The Benefits of Folding Your Towels Correctly

Fold your towels to prevent wrinkles

In addition to simply creating a great first impression on your guests, proper towel folding brings with it a whole host of additional benefits and perks. Just a few of the positive implications of this simple task include:

  • Beautiful Display and Storage: Nobody likes to look at a crumpled pile of towels. It’s a messy sight that instantly drags the whole room down. Neatly folded towels, however, are beautiful to view.
  • Handy Storage: When they’re simply wadded into heaps, towels can be a pain to store. Towels that have been neatly folded, on the other hand, store easily. In addition to this, you can fit far more towels into a space if they’ve been correctly folded and organized.
  • Fewer Wrinkles: A towel that’s wrinkled and stiff is a towel that nobody wants to use. Not only can they be uncomfortable on the skin, but they also look unattractive. Prevent this altogether by folding your towels neatly.
  • Easier Hanging: When you fold a towel, you make it that much easier to pick up and drape over the towel bar later when it comes time to shower. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend time getting it straightened and arranged correctly. This way, the work is already mostly done for you.

Factors That Influence Folding Style

Of course, not every towel can be folded in the same way. What works for one towel won’t always work for a different towel. To fully master the art of folding all towels in all situations, you’ll want to learn which factors affect the way towels can be folded. A quick guide is as follows:

  • Size: Some towels are extra-long, and others are extra fluffy. These and other factors will change the way you can fold them.
  • Type: It goes without that you can’t fold a washcloth in the same way you can fold a bath towel or even a hand towel. Each towel works best with certain types of folds, and not with others.
  • Storage: If you have minimal storage space, you’ll want to try only folds that are conducive to these small spaces. You’ll likely want to steer clear from any fancy folds that take up too much room.
  • Intended Use: If you plan to hang a towel over a rack, simple folds may be the easiest and most practical. If you’re looking for more of a decorative, whimsical use, however, you might want something more creative, like towel origami.

Where Should You Fold Towels?

Folding towels doesn’t have to be a difficult task, but it can easily become more complicated if you aren’t working in the correct environment. To ensure the best and smoothest folds, we recommend carefully evaluating the towel at hand and choosing the best place to fold it.

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Put simply, you have two choices when it comes to folding locations. You can either do it entirely in the air or laid out on a flat surface such as a bed, table or countertop. Both options are good choices, and often, it simply comes down to a matter of personal preference and situation.

For example, if you’re practicing a more complicated fold, it may be wise to incorporate a table to help you get the edges just right and the wrinkles smoothed out. However, if you’re only doing a very simple fold, it might be easiest and even fastest to just do it with your hands in the air.

To decide which is best for you, practice both ways on multiple towels with multiple different folds, and see which you like best.

Folding Instructions for Different Types of Towels

Time to get to the nitty-gritty details. If you’re looking for the best towel folding ideas, then you’re in the right place. We’ll go over some simpler folds, some more specialty folds and even some extra special tricks, like towel animals and decorative towel folding.

1. How to Fold a Washcloths like Hotels

Because of their small size, there isn’t a whole lot you can do with a washcloth beyond folding it into a basic square. To do this, complete the following steps.

  • Fold the washcloth in half one way, smoothing it and lining up the edges neatly.
  • Fold the washcloth in half the other way, smoothing it again and lining the edges up until it is a perfect square.
  • Store neatly in a flat space like a drawer or shelf.

2. How to Fold a Hand Towel

Hand towels are simple to fold

Hand towels are also fairly simple to fold, as they’re only slightly larger than a washcloth. Because of their rectangular shape, however, you’ll want to pay attention to which side is which.

  • Shake out the unfolded towel to remove wrinkles, and either lay it out on a flat surface or hold it in your hands.
  • Take one short side and fold it in a third of the way in toward the middle, smoothing the fold into place and lining up the edges.
  • Fold the other short edge in toward the middle so that it falls in line with your previous fold. Your towel should now be a third of its original length.
  • Moving in the opposite direction, fold the towel in half so that it’s now half its original width.
  • Store the towel in a flat place like a drawer or a shelf. If you store the towel with the folded edges facing out, you’ll have an easier time removing only one towel at a time.

3. How to Fold a Bath Towel for Shelf or Closet Storage

If your bath towel is going to be sitting on a shelf until you plan on picking it up and draping it over a towel bar, then this is the fold for you. Keep in mind that if your towel is extra long, you may need to add in an extra fold along the way to make this work.

  • Lift the towel by two corners of one long edge, with the finished side facing you. If you want to use a flat surface, lay the towel out with the finished side facing down. Smooth any wrinkles or bumps out of the towel.
  • Fold one corner in toward the middle of the towel, about one-third of the way down the length.
  • Fold the other corner toward the middle as well, so that it just overlaps the section you previously folded and its edges line up with the folded edge you created earlier.
  • If you’re holding the towel, tuck the top edge securely under your chin to hold the folds in place. Support the middle of the towel with your hands then release the towel from under your chin, letting it fall down to fold in half.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the bottom edges are evenly lined up.
  • Fold the towel in half again in the same way.
  • Store the towel neatly on a shelf with the folded edges facing out for easy access.

4. How to Roll Towels Like a Spa

If you’re searching for a decorative rolled look for storage or display, such as the look you might see at a spa, this is how to do it.

  • Fold your bath towel in half lengthwise. Smooth it out and shake out any resulting wrinkles, lining up the edge neatly in the process.
  • Beginning at the short end, roll the towel until you reach the opposite end. Keep the roll tight as you go, and be sure to keep the edges lined up instead of accidentally veering off in one direction or another.
  • Store the rolled towel with the exposed edge down to prevent it from unrolling while in storage. Stack your rolled towels together in a pyramid, or line them up neatly along a shelf.

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Organize your rolled towels

5. How to Do a Fancy Pocket Fold for a Hanging Towel

Prepping the hotel room for incoming guests and looking for a way to make the hanging towels look just a little extra special? Try this fancy pocket fold and see if it doesn’t do the trick.

  • Spread a hand towel out on a flat surface with the unfinished side facing up.
  • Take the short edges and fold them about a quarter of the way in toward the middle of the towel. Flip the towel over, keeping the folds straight and lined up.
  • Take one long edge — it doesn’t matter which one — and fold it in toward the middle about one-third of the way. Fold the other long edge, overlapping your previous fold so that the edges just line up.
  • Rotate the towel so that the pocket edge is facing you, and tuck the outer edges of the pocket into the top layer.
  • Flip the towel to the other side and hang it over the towel bar, with the pocket facing out.

Next, you’ll want to fold the washcloth so that it pokes out of the towel pocket just so. Here’s how to do it.

  • Take any edge of the washcloth and fold it over about an inch.
  • Keeping this fold in place, fold the same edge backward another inch, the same way you would make an accordion-like pleat.
  • Continue this pattern of folding and pleating inch by inch until you’ve made it all the way across the washcloth.
  • Fold the washcloth in half, midway down its length. This should cause the pleats in the unfolded half to fan out.
  • Gently place the folded midpoint of the cloth into the towel pocket, so that the fanned pleats stick out.
  • Make any minute necessary adjustments to get the look you’re going for.

Towel swans are great for the honeymoon suite

How to Fold Towel Animals Like Origami

Learning how to fold a towel animal gets you in an origami frame of mind. You can take any plain towel and create a fun and whimsical animal which can rest in a bathroom or on a bed. Guests are sure to notice and appreciate something as unique as animals. It’s a great way to add a special touch to any room and is an especially big hit with kids. Follow these step by step towel origami for a number of animals.

1. How to Fold Romantic Towel Swans

How To Fold Towel Swan

These romantic-looking towel swans can be just the thing to brighten up a honeymoon suite, or even an ordinary hotel room if the occasion is right. It might look complicated, but with a little determination, you’ll soon get the hang of it. Follow these steps to fold this shape yourself.

  • Take two bath towels, preferably white, although any color will work. Lay one towel out in front of you, with the long side facing you.
  • Grasp the top two corners of the towel and fold them in toward the middle of the towel, forming a triangle shape at the top of the towel.
  • Take the long outside edges and roll them toward the middle, so that you have two long rolls that meet at the center of the towel. The ends of these rolls will form the wings, while the top with the triangle will form the beak.
  • Fold the towel into thirds toward you, arranging it so that the beak is at the top of these folds and oriented away from you.
  • Make any adjustments so that the towel stays folded instead of flapping open.
  • Copy this procedure exactly with the second towel to form the second swan. Position the two so that they rest beak-to-beak and create a heart-shape with their necks.

2. How to Fold Towel Snails

This fun bit of towel origami is always impressive, whether your guests are adults, children or both. Follow these instructions to create your snail.

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How To Fold Towel Snail

  • Grab both a bath towel and a hand towel. For the best results, choose two towels of different colors.
  • Use the bath towel to create a swan, exactly as instructed in the previous bit of towel origami.
  • Take the hand towel and fold it lengthwise, so that it becomes just slightly wider than the swan.
  • Roll the hand towel widthwise into a tight roll. This is your snail’s shell.
  • Tuck this towel roll into the swan, just between the head and the wings. Now, your swan has become a snail.

3. How to Fold Towel Snakes

how to fold a towel snake

When learning how to make towel animals, a towel snake is a great option because it is quite simple. Start with a large bath towel and then:

  • Start with a large bath towel
  • Fold the top corners toward the middle to form a triangle
  • Fold one long end inwards about a third of the width.
  • Roll the towel from the same long end until you make a tight roll
  • Gently pull the tip from the top of the towel into a flattened snake head.
  • Top it with novelty eyes, if you like, to complete the effect

4. How to Fold Towel Elephants

how to fold a towel elephant

This will take a little more effort and time, but the effect is well worth it. You will need a hand towel, bath towel and googly eyes. A ribbon can also add a nice effect. While you can do this with white towels, grey towels can look especially effective. Once you have your materials, you will want to:

  • Lay out the bath towel lengthwise and fold each long end toward the middle, so the two ends meet in the middle of the towel.
  • Starting at the right side and then the left side, roll each of the narrower ends toward the middle. You’re rolling the towel from each end, so the rolls touch in the center.
  • Fold the rolled towel in half, so you get an elephant’s body with four legs. Gently push down and fluff out the legs so the towel body can stand on its own.
  • Lay down the hand towel in front of you and fold the top two edges toward you, so they create a triangle at the top.
  • Starting from the left side of the triangle and then the right side of the triangle, roll each edge toward the middle of the towel.
  • When you pick up the towel you will have a long “trunk” and a triangular “head” of the elephant. Curve the top edges of the towel down to form ears and pinch the head part to create a more pronounced shape.
  • Place the head on the body once you are satisfied with the ears. Top with a ribbon and novelty eyes, if you wish.

5. How to Fold Towel Crabs

Fold a Towel Crab

For a hotel by the sea, especially, a fun towel crab can look wonderful lurking in the bathroom or on a bed. You can make this fun crab with any color hand or bath towel, but bright red will look best. You may also want to have novelty eyes on hand to give your towel animal a little more personality. Here’s how you can assemble:

  • Lay out the towel lengthwise in front of you, so the longest end faces you and the shorter widths are on your right and left. Fold the towel lengthwise toward the middle. Fold the bottom of the towel away from you and the top toward you, so the pieces meet in the middle.
  • Repeat the same process with the folded towel.
  • On the right-hand side, untuck about a third of the towel, so you can see the first fold you made.
  • Starting at the end you untucked, roll the folded towel toward the center.
  • Put your hand on the middle of the roll you’ve made and tug on the ends, pulling them out and down. The rolled part should look like a crescent roll.
  • Fold the un-crescent part of the towel over the middle of the crescent roll, leaving the “claws” exposed. This top part is the shell. You can top it with the eyes to complete the look.

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