How to connect ps5 to hotel wifi/proxy

Video How to connect ps5 to hotel wifi/proxy

Do you bring your console with you and having issues with PS5 not connecting to hotel WiFi? We have the solutions you’re looking for!

We assume that you’re having difficulty connecting to your hotel’s WiFi. You can see the connection, but your console can’t get through the authentication process to connect successfully.

This situation is giving you a hard time from enjoying playing on your console as you travel.

To fix your PS5 not connecting to your hotel WiFi, you want to authenticate the connection. You can use your console’s built-in authenticator. A more sure way to do this would be to use your phone. You can also use your phone as a hotspot to connect to the internet and play your favorite games.

Let’s check out what can cause this issue before moving on to the complete troubleshooting steps.

Why My PS5 Can’t Connect to Hotel WiFi

If your console can’t connect to your hotel WiFi, it all boils down to a few causes. We recommend checking your WiFi signal.

You may be in a room that’s getting a weak signal. It’s also likely that the connection settings on your console do not match the network.

Here are the problems you need to watch out for if your console can’t connect to the hotel WiFi:

1. Connectivity Issue

If you’re connecting to a weak WiFi, it can cause problems for your PS5. It could not be stable enough that you cannot complete the connection.

2. Wrong Network Configuration

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Not using the right network configuration can stop your console from connecting to the hotel WiFi.

3. Connection Needs Authentication

Hotel and dorm WiFis are not as straightforward as the one in your home. It needs to authenticate devices so it can track activity and connections.

4. Needs Extra Equipment

Getting additional networking gear can help you connect your devices to the hotel WiFi.

These are the main issues that you’re going to face with your PS5 doesn’t connect to the hotel WiFi. We can now proceed to the full fix guide, so you’ll be able to use your console anywhere.

How to Fix PS5 Not Connecting to Hotel WiFi

fix ps5 not connecting to hotel wifi

Before attempting these solutions, we recommend restarting your PS5 and then reconnecting to the hotel WiFi.

It could be a temporary software issue that a quick restart can fix. It’s important to note that you need to shut down your console and not put it to sleep or rest mode.

In case restarting it does not do the job for you, you can proceed with these other fixes:

Solution #1: Forget or Delete the WiFi Network on Your PS5

If a restart does not fix the issue, you want to try the next quickest way to solve this problem. Deleting or forgetting the WiFi connection removes the network settings.

Reconnecting should allow your device to acquire a fresh set replacing corrupted ones saved in your console.

Here’s how to delete the WiFi connection on your PS5:

  1. Open your PS5’s settings.
  2. Choose Network.
  3. On the Network menu, select Settings.
  4. Go to Set-up internet connection.
  5. Select the network you want to delete, then click on Delete.

Note: If the Delete button is not available, you can choose Disconnect first. You can now delete the hotel’s WiFi network.

Solution #2: Change the DNS Settings on Your PS5

change ps5 dns settings

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If you’re bringing your PS5 with you when you travel, there’s a good chance that you change your settings depending on your location.

You may have changed it and forgot to set it back. This is now causing your issue of not connecting to the WiFi properly.

Here’s how to check and change the DNS settings on your PS5:

  1. Go to the Settings page, then proceed to Network.
  2. Select Settings on the Network page.
  3. Click on Set up internet connection.
  4. Choose the network you’re using and go to Advanced Settings.
  5. Navigate to DNS Settings and set it to Automatic.

Tip: Switching it to automatic enables your DHCP, which requests an IP address from the hotel router.

Solution #3: Use the PS5 Authenticator to Verify the Connection

Connecting to any hotel WiFi will require you to authenticate the connection.

This is to make sure that you’re not doing anything fishy or illegal on the hotel’s network. The issue is that you need a browser to authenticate your connection.

Here’s how to bypass this and authenticate your connection:

  1. Connect to the hotel WiFi. This will fail.
  2. Go to your PS5’s Settings and click on the User’s Guide option.
  3. Choose User’s Guide, then click on Yes to open the pop-up.
  4. The hotel WiFi’s sign-in page should appear.
  5. Enter the required information to authenticate your connection.

Note: To confirm your connection, you can test it by going to your PS5’s Settings, then Network.

Solution #4: Use Your Smartphone as the Network Authenticator

use smartphone

Another step you can take to authenticate your connection would be to use your smartphone.

You’ll surely have your phone with you, so you’ll have no issues performing this.

Here’s how to authenticate your connection using your phone:

  1. Connect to the hotel WiFi on your phone and console.
  2. Choose How to Authenticate to start the process.
  3. Check your phone for a new connection that begins with PS5.
  4. Connect to it with the credentials displayed from your PS5.
  5. The hotel login page will appear. Enter the hotel’s details.

Note: After typing the WiFi username and password provided by the hotel, your PS5 should be connected to the internet.

Solution #5: Use Your Phone as a WiFi Hotspot

use wifi hotspot phone

If you’re staying in a hotel that’s giving you a hard time connecting, you have excellent coverage with your carrier.

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An option you have is to use your phone as a WIFi hotspot to connect to the internet.

Here’s how to use your phone as a hotspot:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings.
  2. Tap on Personal Hotspot or Tethering.
  3. Make sure to turn ON your Mobile Data.
  4. Connect your PS5 to your phone’s WiFi.

Note: You can change your password as you turn on mobile hotspot to improve your connection’s security.

Solution #6: Invest in a Travel Router

get travel router

If you’re always on the go and want to use your PS5 just about anywhere, getting a travel router is one of the best ways to connect.

Some hotels can limit your connection to only a single device. Using a travel router gives you full control of your connectivity whether you want to surf, work, or play on multiple devices.

Here’s how to use a travel router to connect to a hotel WiFi:

  1. Connect to the hotel WiFi using your travel router.
  2. Access your router’s page on your computer.
  3. Enter the username and password to connect.
  4. Switch your travel router to AP mode.
  5. Connect your PS5 to your travel router.

Tip: There are different types of travel routers. Depending on your needs, you can choose one that allows you to connect to the hotel WiFi wirelessly or via an ethernet cable.

If your hotel room comes with an ethernet port, you can bring your cable and connect your PS5 directly.

You can also contact your hotel’s IT department and get them to whitelist your console’s MAC address so you can connect easily.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know how to fix your PS5 not connecting to hotel WiFi, you should be able to enjoy bringing your console with you wherever you go.

As long as you follow the solutions, you’ll be able to take advantage of your hotel’s free WiFi to play your favorite games on the road.

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