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Video How to connect nintendo switch to hotel wifi

If you are a video game lover, I’m pretty sure you are quite familiar with Nintendo Switch, a video game console (developed by Nintendo). Suppose you are in a hotel and you need to connect your Nintendo Switch to the hotel wifi. Connecting Nintendo Switch to the hotel WiFi isn’t as easy as you think, especially if you don’t know the connecting procedures. How to connect the Nintendo Switch to hotel wifi?

Go to device settings, then internet settings, search for networks, select the network, and then connect the wifi network to the internet.

Continue reading to learn step-by-step instructions to connect the Nintendo Switch to hotel wifi.

Step by step Guide- How to connect Nintendo switch to hotel wi-fi?

Follow below simple instructions to connect Nintendo Switch to hotel wifi in a couple of minutes.

Easy 5 steps to connect Nintendo switch to hotel wi-fi:

Step 1- Go to System Settings

First, click on “Settings” to access the settings for hotel wifi.

connect Nintendo switch to hotel wi-fi

Step 2- Go to internet settings

You will see the setting page for different settings such as brightness, parental controls, screen lock, and the Internet. Search through the list and click on “Internet.” You will shift to internet settings.

Go to internet settings

Step 3- Search for Network

You will see a network searching screen on your device when you click on internet settings. Be patient and allow your device to search for available networks. Do not worry; it will not take more than a minute.

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Search for Network

Step 4- Choose the hotel wifi network

After a few seconds of search, you will see a list of available networks. Select your hotel wifi from the available networks list.

Choose the hotel wifi network

Step 5- Connect Wifi network to the internet

When you click on the hotel wifi, it will start connecting the wifi network and then the internet. It is a time taking process that may take 1 or 2 minutes. So wait with patience.

Connect Wifi network to the internet

After a couple of minutes, you see a warning message “Registration is required to use this network.”

Registration is required to use this network

Go to the bottom of the display screen; there is a “Next” button. Click on the next button to connect to the internet. Once you have clicked, the “Next” process will start.

display screen

Wait for a few seconds; you will see a screen with the option “connect now” on the bottom.

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connect now

Click on internet check and then on “Connect Now.”

Connect Now internet

You will see the hotel wifi has connected to your console “ successfully connected,” and then press ” Ok.”

successfully connected

Enjoy free hotel Wifi and have fun.

How to troubleshoot Nintendo Switch on WiFi?

If you are facing a problem connecting with the Nintendo Switch while connecting to the hotel wifi, change the setup to ” not go to sleep” and allow it to connect. It may take ten to fifteen minutes, but in the end, you will see the hotel wifi windows appear to connect.

Why does my Nintendo Switch on Wifi show a problem?

Mostly it does not happen, but if you face the problem, the major reason can be a slow network. Because of the slow network, it takes time to connect, and the device goes to sleep mode.

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Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs): Connect the Nintendo Switch to hotel wifi

1. Does Nintendo Switch support WPA2 Enterprise?

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No, currently, WPA2-Enterprise is not supported by Nintendo Switch.

2. Why is my Nintendo Switch not connecting to Hotel Wi-Fi?

You have tried, but your wifi page is not redirecting the login page; there are a few possible reasons for this problem:

There may be third-party DNS settings activated on your device. Check and deactivate the third part DNS setting on your device.

IP address problems can be another possible reason. To resolve the issue, switch towards the IP address or launch the router’s default page.

3. Why is my hotel Wi-Fi disconnecting?

It mostly happens because of heavy traffic. If the hotel’s network cannot cope with the traffic load, you may see a disconnect problem again and again.

4. Can I connect the Nintendo Switch to hotel Wifi on my laptop?

Yes, you can connect Nintendo Switch to hotel wifi on your laptop. Go to hotspot settings on your laptop and try to connect the Nintendo switch with hotel wifi.

5. Why is Hotel WIFI greyed out on Nintendo Switch?

The greyed-out network name indicates that Wifi security type is not compatible with Nintendo Switch.

Final Verdict

Free hotel Wi-Fi connection can be a good facility when you stay in a hotel. You can connect to hotel Wi-Fi if you have a Nintendo Switch on your device. It is easy if you follow the above simple instructions.

or Let’s enjoy this video tutorial, video credit: AlexTheStampede

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