Hotel portofino season 2 release date

Video Hotel portofino season 2 release date

Hotel Portofino has made quite the impression on the audience. Ever since its premiere on PBS, the series has provided a major getaway for the audience, and a new perspective compared to the series of similar setting, like Downton Abbey. The series has a total of six episodes, and has already aired in the UK on Brit Box.

Some people, who have watched all the episodes, were left disappointed as many loose ends weren’t tied up in the end. But there is no reason to be heartbroken anymore, as we have the news you’ve been waiting for months: Hotel Portofino has been renewed for a second season!

When and where will the second season of Hotel Portofino be released?

As to the release date, no official announcement has been made. When the filming is completed the series will most probably be released on the Brit Box in the UK, and PBS might still continue airing it in America.

What do we know about the second season?

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Just like the first one, the second season will also have six episodes. Matt Baker will return as the creator and writer, Adam Wimpenny will be reprising his role as the director of the series while Jo McGrath and Walter Iuzzolino will be acting as the executive producers.

What do we know about Hotel Portofino?

The first season introduced us to the main characters while setting up the prime dilemma. The American period drama shows us the life of Bella Ainsworth, a strong, loving, and independent woman, who decides to buy and remodel a hotel, to recover from their financial struggles and the aftermath of World War I.

In the beginning, we see her persuading her father to land her the money to buy and remodel the Hotel Portofino. She is the hotel’s co-owner, along with her husband Cecil, who quite often launders money to provide for his dubious schemes.

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The Ainsworth’s travel from England to Italy, hiding from everyone about their money problems. We eventually see the complicated character of Cecil Ainsworth, who comes as dishonest and cunning.

Bella struggles to maintain her family while trying to run the hotel, as Lucian, her son, is suffering from the trauma left by the horrors of World War I. She even finds it hard to keep up with her widowed daughter, Alice, who is left to raise her six-year-old daughter all alone after her husband was lost in the war.

She eventually finds success but after a lot of hard work and a great cost. However, the series still has some major loose ends which would be tied up soon in the second season!

Who all are there in the cast?

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Hotel Portofino stars the Truman Show and Halo star Natascha McElhone as Bella Ainsworth, the main protagonist of the story.

Additionally, there is Mark Umbers, Chancellor Anna, Adam James, Assad Zaman, Claude Scott-Mitchell, Oliver Dench, Olivia Morris, Louisa Binder, Elizabeth Carling, Lucy Akhurst, Lily Frazer, Daniele Pecci, and Pasquela Esposito.

It is yet unknown who will be reprising their roles in the first season.

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