Hotel of mask walkthrough day 7

Video Hotel of mask walkthrough day 7

Hotel of Mask Walkthrough – Day 4

You have successfully collected three badges; now, you should struggle to obtain the fifth badge. Every day of your starts with the room and by turning on the lamp. Something suspicious had happened when you were sleeping because the furniture in your room has been changed. Follow the instructions mentioned in the Hotel of Mask Escape Room Game Walkthrough to find all puzzles.

  • Reach the door to discover new information.
  • Tap the table and open its first drawer to discover a screwdriver.
  • Open the second drawer to discover a thermometer.
  • Reach the main door, use the screwdriver to untie the screws of the thermostat meter utilizing the screwdriver.

  • Collect a key from inside the circuit and connect wires.
  • Use the key from inventory to open the circuit box available on the sofa’s left side kept on the table. Collect a remote control from there and turn on the AC, but first, you need to plug all switches into the socket fixed near the right side’s main door.
  • Now, you must maintain the room temperature to 21 degrees by merely using the fan and the temperature controllers below it. Don’t forget to open the fridge.

As you come out of the room, the same person appears that came to welcome you in previous days.

Enter Room 005

Reach room 005 and click on the clock behind the man. Set the time to 5:05:45 and open the box to discover a gear 3. After that, you should move to room 004 and collect the fire tongs from the table. For further steps, follow the Walkthrough:

  • Explore Room 002 and collect a knife from the table available on the right side near the fireplace. Now, go to room 005 and open the box available next to the electric guitar using the kitchen knife to discover a stove.
  • Head to the World Map available on the right side and collect a photodiode from there.
  • Leave the 5th room to visit the 2nd Select the fire tongs from your inventory to bring the stove to the fire. Collect the charcoal stove from there and add it to your list.

Enter Room 004

Reach room 004 and tap on the floor a few steps before the table to open a circuit. Add the photodiode and enter the code “8010” to open the case for the wrench. Move to room 005 and add the charcoal stove to the geyser. Start the discussion with the mechanical man and collect GM forage from it.

  • Tap on the World Map and use a wrench to collect the gear 2.
  • Next to that, tap on the bike available on the left side and add the missing gear 2.
  • Move to room 003, feed the cow, and collect the key head.
  • Now, offer the GM Forge to the sheep to collect a key tail.
  • After that, tap the water to open the workshop, connect both the key head and key tail to make a full key.
  • Bring the key to room 005 and open the cupboard available right behind the mechanical man.
  • Once the cupboard opened, you can collect all the missing keys of a typewriter.
  • Head to the table where the typewriter is available and add all keys to it. After that, type “Password” to collect the gear.
  • Click on the bike and add the missing gear to start the engine. After that, a discussion will begin between the start and your character.
  • Move to Room 2 and collect a Core Driver from the floor.
  • Come out from the room and borrow a fake core from the joker.
  • Visit the 5th room once again and request the mechanical for a badge.
  • Offer a fake core to it and collect the badge.

Go back to your bed and take a sweet nap, although you know that the next day comes with tough challenges.

To learn how to survive the fifth day, please visit “Hotel of Mask: Escape Room Game Day 5 Walkthrough.”

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