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How Bad Owners Ruined Their Hotels on Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsay’s show Hotel Hell ran for three seasons from 2012 to 2016. In each episode, Ramsay visited a hotel that was on the verge of failing and offered his unique brand of fiery advice on how to fix it. In every case, the owners were the problem. Here’s a look at the most common mistakes that hotel owners made on the show, along with unbelievable examples of bad business from the episodes!

  1. Lacking Experience
  2. Alienating the Community
  3. Underpaying the Staff
  4. Having Poor Standards of Hygiene
  5. Serving Awful Food
  6. Not Updating the Hotel
  7. Being Just Plain Terrible Owners
  8. Getting Into Debt
  9. Not Maintaining the Facilities
  10. Having the Wrong Priorities

1. Lacking Experience

Without taking a course in hotel management, one cannot expect to magically have the skills to run a hotel successfully. Staying at a hotel as a guest is much different from actually running one! Some owners did not seem to realize this.

John Imhof in “Cambridge Hotel” (Season 1, Episode 3)

This is the problem that befell John Imhof in the “Cambridge Hotel” episode. John was a soldier and a lawyer, not a hotelier. Despite his obvious lack of expertise, he micromanaged his chef and general manager. He repeatedly interfered and focused on keeping himself busy instead of delegating tasks.

As a result, the restaurant had awful food, the hotel was in poor condition, and the hotel’s atmosphere was ruined. Had John had proper training, he would have known how to deal with—not to mention prevent—these issues.

How Gordon Helped

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Gordon pointed out that the chef, Rich, and the general manager, Brittany, needed to be trusted and left alone, since they were experts in their roles. They needed the freedom to do their jobs properly.

Gordon then devised a plan to prove to John that Rich and Brittany could handle their jobs alone. Brittany invited her friends to a ladies’ night out at the hotel. Rich prepared freshly made food instead of sous-vide products. The result was a $1,400 payoff for the hotel in just two hours! John was not able to interfere because Gordon locked him in a room on the third floor.

2. Alienating the Community

The primary source of income for any hotel should be the immediate community, as tourists are only seasonal. However, many hotel owners fail to realize that. They basically put up a wall between themselves and the community.

Brent and Afni MacDonald in “Lakeview Hotel” (Season 3, Episode 5)

In the “Lakeview Hotel” episode, owners Brent and Afni had a negative reputation in the Chelan, WA, area. They were perceived as being very rude and condescending. They also did not support local businesses nor help out during the wildfires in the region. Their hotel also had very strange rules, such as not giving free samples in the ice cream parlor and not allowing children in the hotel.

How Gordon Helped

Gordon tried to ingratiate the MacDonalds with the community by arranging a meeting with the locals, as well as having Brent and Afni support local wineries. This did not last long, however, as the couple reverted back to their old ways soon after Gordon left.

Robert Dean II and Ari Nikki in “Juniper Hill Inn” (Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2)

Another example is the case of Robert and Ari of Juniper Hill Inn. The two acted like rich snobs and said the locals were not “appropriate people” to come to their mansion. They did not interact with the locals and stayed cooped up in their RV all day long.

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Their hotel prices were also insane: $700 for a two-night stay and $59 for a three-course meal! These prices were beyond what the local residents of the area could afford, and that’s just bad for business.

What Happened to Robert Dean II and Ari Nikki?

In July of 2015, Ari Nikki was arrested in Florida on a first degree misdemeanor charge of assaulting a law enforcement officer. Robert Dean also had a Florida address at the time and posted the cash bond for Nikki’s arrest. The charges were later dismissed. Beyond that, it is unclear what Dean and Nikki are doing now.

3. Underpaying the Staff

The hotel staff are the backbone of the establishment, and they should be treated well and compensated fairly. Part of the reason some hotels fail is because the staff are paid meager wages and receive delays in payroll. If your staff is unmotivated, you cannot expect good service.

Phillip Lovingfoss in “Monticello Hotel” (Season 2, Episode 2)

This was an issue for the Monticello Hotel. Owner Phillip Lovingfoss inherited a $10 million estate and lavishly spent his money on expensive cars, jewelry, furniture and other doodads—yet he would not pay his staff properly. He also did not give his chefs enough hours in their work schedules to make a proper living.

Robert Dean II and Ari Nikki in “Juniper Hill Inn” (Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2)

Our friends Robert Dean II and Ari Nikki at the Juniper Hill Inn had this same problem. The pair owned a mansion, an RV, antique works of art and antique furniture, but they could not pay their staff proper wages in a timely manner.

During the two-part episode at the Juniper Hill Inn, the issue of pay came up multiple times. One of the staff members, Barbara, told Gordon that she experienced delays in pay; then, when she did get paid, she was not paid in full. The old chef, Ida, confirmed that Robert and Ari often did not pay their staff on time. Ida even had to buy produce with her own credit card and had to fight to get reimbursed.

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When Gordon spoke to Chef Giulian, the chef confronted Robert. He said he was barely surviving on $400 a week and the staff was ready to walk out because they were tired of not being paid.

How Gordon Helped

Ryan, the estate manager, told Gordon that Robert took a portion of the servers’ tips when he helped with service. Gordon confronted Robert about this and told him that he did not need to take an old lady’s tips.

4. Having Poor Standards of Hygiene

Hotel guests expect a clean room and bedding, but Hotel Hell shows many hotels with visible dust and dirt in the rooms. Even when the room looks superficially clean, there may be a musty smell and stains that aren’t visible to the naked eye (Gordon always brings his black light along to reveal these stains!). A lot of hotels on the series have hygiene issues, including the Roosevelt Inn, River Rock Inn, Applegate River Lodge and Monticello Hotel.

Phillip Lovingfoss in “Monticello Hotel” (Season 2, Episode 2)

Phillip Lovingfoss was a waiter at the Monticello Hotel when he married Annabelle Juell, who was 32 years his senior. Annabelle died at age 70 during a trip to Palm Springs, CA. She left Phillip a will worth $10 million. Phillip used part of the estate he inherited to buy cars, jewelry, appliances, furniture and all sorts of doodads.

While Phillip always dreamed of owning the Monticello Hotel, he never took care of it when he finally got the chance. He spent his money on luxury items for himself instead of reinvesting the money to maintain and improve the historic hotel. Instead, he took shortcuts when procuring items for the hotel.

One example was the furniture: Rather than purchasing proper, new furniture for the hotel rooms, Phillip brought in used furniture that came from his house. When Gordon flashed a black light on the mattress, he was horrified. He showed Phillip, Ginger, and the staff that the mattresses were covered with bodily fluids!

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