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The beaches in Hikkaduwa have been attracting tourists since the 1960s when it was first discovered. The beach stretches on spanning over kilometers and hosts many fun activities to keep the tourists engaged. These water sports include snorkeling and scuba diving for the adventure seekers. The clear waters beckon the nature lovers who wish to take a dip inside the waters to witness the vibrant, colorful aquatic life. The coral sanctuary hosts gorgeous coral formations, which house a variety of fishes and large turtles. The islets along the beach breed pockets of wildlife and are a wonderful way to interact with it.

Things to do at Hikkaduwa Beach

Hikkaduwa is famous for serving delicious seafood curries, relaxing massages, Buddhist temples, and watersports such as surfing, snorkeling, and diving. The beaches in Hikkaduwa may not be at par with Bali or Goa, but it does attract a fair amount of regulars.

1. Narigama Beach: Watch the Sunset 2. Coral Reef Gardens: Explore the underwater world 3. Splash Around at the Laguna 4. Water sports: Lets have some fun 5. Sunken ships of Hikkaduwa: Witness the shipwrecks

1. Narigama Beach: Watch the Sunset

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The Narigama Beach is the most popular beach in Hikkaduwa and sees the maximum influx of tourists. The Narigama beach stretches on for about 4 kilometers and is a perfect surfing spot during the months from April to October. The sea water is calmer during the winters. The beautiful hues splashed into the sky by the setting sun make the beach appear like a scene from a film or a photograph. Thus, watching the sun dip behind the waters of the Narigama Beach is a treat for the eyes.

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2. Coral Reef Gardens: Explore the underwater world

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The colorful coral reefs are definitely worth a visit before climate change upsets the critical balance of nature. Sri Lankas vibrant coral reefs are home to a range of aquatic wildlife. They house a variety of fishes. Apart from the coral reefs, the sea turtles are yet another major attraction. You could feed these turtles by hand! The turtles often bury their eggs into the sands of the Hikkaduwa beach, and if you are lucky enough you can even watch new hatchlings make their way into the sea!

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3. Splash Around at the Laguna

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The Laguna is a pool of shallow water covered by coral reefs on either side. These coral reefs break the waves making this portion of the beach devoid of any waves. Thus, it is an ideal spot if you or the kids accompanying you wish to enter the seas. Families flock to this beach to rest and splash around the cool waters to beat the heat. You could even book a catamaran to ferry you around the placid waters. In the wee hours of the morning, you could find exotic fishes around the shallow coral area.

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4. Water sports: Lets have some fun

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The Hikkaduwa beach is suited for water sports such as snorkeling, swimming, surfing, scuba diving, body surfing, and boating. You could book a seat on a boat with a transparent bottom where you can closely observe shoals of fishes and other interesting aquatic creatures. If you wish to observe them more closely in the clear waters, you could sign up for one of the scuba diving or snorkeling courses at the PADI certified dive centers. The carefully planned and monitored trips will ensure that the environment stays unaffected by these activities.

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5. Sunken ships of Hikkaduwa: Witness the shipwrecks

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If you are looking for a taste of adrenaline filled adventure, then Hikkaduwa can fulfill that wish too! Apart from the various species of fishes and sea turtles, the coast also contains sites for four different shipwrecks, which you can explore! Swim beneath the surface and who knows what hidden gem you can find!

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How to reach Hikkaduwa

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The city of Hikkaduwa is located about 100 kilometers to the south of Colombo. It is nearly 143 kilometers away from Galle. It can be reached through the following modes: By Rail: Trains running from Colombo to Matara and go via Hikkaduwa. You can choose between different coaches offering varying levels of comfort. The train will make a pit stop at the Hikkaduwa railway station where you must get off. By Bus: If you wish to travel via public transport, then you can board buses from Colombo heading towards Matara (including buses going to Galle and Tangale). These buses pass through Hikkaduwa. You may directly get off at the Narigama beach or the Hikkaduwa bus station. The bus ride takes about 3 hours. By Road: Traveling to Hikkaduwa by taxi is by far the most expensive yet the most luxurious medium of travel. Apart from the taxis, the minibusses are also available to ferry larger groups of people to Hikkaduwa. You can board these taxis and minibusses at the Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport.

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Hikkaduwa is a perfect place for a weekend trip while you’re exploring Sri Lanka. Pay a visit to the beach town and let us know about your experience.

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