Hazbin hotel charlie x male reader

Warnings: Mature language, very mild mentions of blood, mentions of cult activity

Pairing: Charlie x Human! Male Reader Word Count: 3009 Current Chapter: Prologue Previous Chapter:

Author’s Note: Hi everyone, this is my very first Hazbin Hotel ‘x Reader’ Series. This is not a guaranteed series, I want to see how I go, possibly leave it as a side project. If it’s in high demand, there will most likely be more. This is based on a oneshot request I received upon opening this blog and decided to develop into something bigger. I hope you enjoy, and if you have any suggestions for the future of this story, please send them in. Enjoy!

Jolting as if trying to prevent yourself from falling, your dream world melted from around you, leaving you in your uncomfortably humid bedroom, engulfed in darkness. It took you a moment to sit up, wondering what had drawn you from your comfortable sleep, until you finally registered the familiar ringing of your phone, sitting on charge, on top of your tall boy. Still dazed from sleep, you started to sink back down under your covers, shutting your eyes for a second before sitting back up quickly. Who would be calling at this time of night? Not that you knew the time, but it was strange enough to consider that perhaps something was wrong. Just the thought of someone calling you, in need of help, was enough to send you stumbling across your dark bedroom to reach the phone that stopped ringing the moment you slapped your hand on the screen, in a last second attempt of answering it. Left standing there, staring at the dimly lit screen, you let out a tired groan before picking the device up and unplugging it in order to see who had called you.

Lit dimly on your screen was: ‘1 Missed Call from: Matty’. Now glaring at the phone, you unlocked it, only to snap your eyelids shut as the screen suddenly lit right up, burning your unprepared eyes. “Fuck-shit,” you hissed, looking towards a dark corner of your room in hopes to easing the burning sensation before turning your gaze back to the screen, squinting in order to find the brightness controls. “Asshole better be dying,” you grumbled to yourself, slowly adjusting to the light of your phone and going to your missed calls to call ‘Matty’ back. The device rang twice before the call was connected but as you were about to ask him what the hell he wanted, he cut you off. “Dude, come outside. Now,” you were instructed out of the blue. Blinking, you let out a heavy sigh and flopped back onto your bed, scratching your bare chest.

“Matt… Do you have any idea what time it is?” You rose a brow as if you were asking him face to face. There was a brief pause, but you could hear some movement, coaxing you to not so gently place you hand against your face. He was actually checking the time. “Uhh, it’s like, 1:45. Now seriously, come outside,” Matt insisted only for you to shake your head before remembering he couldn’t see you. “No Matt. It’s too early in the morning. Why to you even- Wait, are you outside my fucking house?” You asked, getting back up and quickly approaching the window. You shoved the curtain and blinds out of the way, looking outside to see the silhouette of your childhood friend, holding a torch that was shining over your car.

“Yup, I’m outside. Now come on, I wanna hang out.” The cogs in your brain came to a halt as you stared at him in disbelief. No freakin’ way. He was actually outside. In the dark. Clearly prepared to remain in the dark considering the torch in his hands… And he was eyeing off your car as he usually did when he was around. “(Y/N)?” “You’re a fucking lunatic Matthew. Give me a moment, I’ll be down shortly. And stop staring at my car like you’re going to steal it,” you sighed, rubbing your temple as if to sooth a headache that hadn’t even arrived yet. With his only response being a shameless laugh and his torch being shone in your eyes when he realised you were at your window, you hung up and stepped backwards. “I can’t believe him. Why can’t he just act like a normal human being for once? Who the hell gets up at one in the bloody morning, to hang out with a friend who is trying to sleep?!” You ranted to yourself, pulling open a couple draws of your tall boy and pulling out a pair of pants and a shirt.

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After getting dressed, putting on a pair of shoes and grabbing your jacket, phone and earphones- just in case- you headed out the door. You descended the stairs, running a hand through your bed hair and grumbling through a heavy yawn before reaching the front door and exiting the house, locking up behind you. “You know Matt, if I wanted to be woken up before the crack of dawn, I’d just move back in with my parents. At least they’d make breakfast for me,” you huffed, walking over to the tall man who could only laugh once again at your dismay. “Oh, come on, I ain’t that bad. I just wanted to spend time with ya. I couldn’t sleep y’know?” he chuckled, scratching at his dark stubble. “Tell you what, you get a girlfriend and I’ll lay off,” he joked with a grin, earning a scowl in return.

Matthew Moore was a large man, standing at 6’3 with a solid build to him. Not professional body builder built but he was in no way, simply fit. It would be pretty damn hard to win a fight against someone like him and many found him to be intimidating for this reason. He was a friendly enough guy, bit of a dark sense of humour and occasionally kicked you when you were down but having been friends since you were little, you couldn’t seem to part ways with him. However, right when you thought you had your head wrapped around that brain of his, he comes out with something new, completely throwing you off and leaving you to wonder about him all over again.

Then there was you. You were approximately 5’9-5’10, maybe nearing 5’11 if you were lucky. You weren’t a twig or anything of the sort, but you weren’t as fit as you’re friend. The best word to describe yourself would be… average. You were an average guy, maybe a little on the shorter side, but an average guy all the same.

“So, what did you want to do then?” you asked, letting out another yawn, hoping that he only wanted to go out for a couple drinks and then go back home or get the hint and let you go back inside so you could get your sleep. You really didn’t want to be out any longer than an hour or so, especially when you had work in the morning. Rent wasn’t going to pay itself now was it? “Oh, right, I wanted to go for a walk in the forest. I found this cool trail and figured it would be awesome to go down with ya. What do you say?” he suggested, giving you a big smile but you could only stare at him in disbelief. “Matt, what are you, a serial killer? Common sense says, ‘don’t wander around the forest in the middle of the night.’ Bad shit happens in places like that Matty. Let’s just go tomorrow afternoon. It’ll still be there for when we go,” you sighed out, turning around to head back inside. What a waste of time. You could be dreaming again by now if it wasn’t for this bullshit.

As you reached for the doorknob, you felt Matt place his large hand on your shoulder. “Come on (Y/N), don’t be a pussy. Just for an hour. I swear we’ll be back within the hour,” he promised you, giving you an almost desperate look. You stared back at him through the darkness, a moment of panic rushing straight to your heart and you considered shrugging him off and just heading inside with a ‘goodnight’. You should have told him to go home. You should have insisted that you have work later in the morning and needed to sleep now. You should have ignored the look on his face, walked inside, locked the door, and gone back to bed.

You don’t know what possessed you to agree. To be fair, you don’t even remember what you said that could even imply that you were willing to follow your friend into the forest at two in the morning. You walked along, side by side with Matthew who was chatting away contently, having absolutely no concerns about what may be lurking in the darkness. You on the other hand, had your hands shoved into the pockets of your sweatpants, paranoid that something was going to grab them as you walked, and couldn’t help but look behind yourself every now and then. You could have sworn you saw something at some stage but after staring for a moment, nothing seemed to be there.

“Yo, (Y/N), you don’t have to stand so close to me y’know. There is nothing out here, grow a pair would ya?” Matthew mocked, rolling his eyes. You hadn’t realised how close to him you had been standing but didn’t distance yourself anymore than about a couple centimetres away. “Shut up, I didn’t want to come out here in the first place,” you grumbled at him, pulling your hands out of your pockets and crossing your arms across your chest. You could have sworn you could feel eyes on you. It was probably only an animal watching you walk by, but it still made you incredibly uncomfortable.

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“Can we head back now? I have work in a few hours.” You stopped in your tracks, refusing to go any further into the forest. It was as you fell behind him, that you saw the faint outline of something in his back pocket. Probably his phone. The larger man let out a heavy sigh and turned around, causing the light to shine in your eyes for a moment before it was pointed towards the ground, allowing you to see properly again. “You’re acting as if this is all new to you. We used to explore the forest all the time, why are you so stuck up these days?” he asked, sounding irritated by your constant request to go home. The real question had to be; ‘Why was he so bothered by it?’

Rubbing your face in frustration, you let out a sigh. “Matthew, I already told you. I have work later. I can’t run on a mere few hours of sleep. We can come back in the afternoon, when I don’t have to be up in like; three hours.” You watched the annoyance from his face melt away to soon be replaced by a small smile that parted to let out a small chuckle. “Okay, okay. You win. We’ll go now,” he caved, causing you to finally relax a little. Finally, he was listening. You stepped to the side, allowing him to walk around you to lead the way back home. As he passed you, he placed a hand on your shoulder and right when you thought you were in the clear, you stumbled back, him flashing you a grin as you regained your balance through taking a few steps backwards. “Asshole.” “Pussy.”

He gave you another small push, but this time, there was nowhere for you to step. Your foot was met with a sudden steep drop, causing you to fall back and roll down the hill. “(Y/N)!” he called after you, looking down towards where you had fallen. You tumbled down, rolling and sliding down as leaves and dirt went flying everywhere, ending up in your shirt, pants and shoes. Your phone even fell out of your pocket. Once you reached the bottom, which felt as if it had taken forever, you laid on your pack, groaning in pain. “Hey, you okay down there (Y/N)?” Matthew called, shining the torch on your now dirty form. You shielded your eyes and pushed yourself up onto your feet, dusting yourself off the best you could. Your whole body ached and even burned in some places and the smell of iron wasn’t too far away. “Yeah, I’m good. I think I’m bleeding though,” you sighed out, loud enough for him to hear you. “Where is my phone?” You asked, patting your pockets. The light of the torch left your form and scanned the area before stopping on the small device you were looking for. Picking it up, you dusted it off and made sure it was okay.

“Alright, stay there, I’ll be up in a-,” you cut yourself off when you saw the large man beginning to slide down on his feet, stumbling occasionally to get down to you. “Second…” He grinned at you when he got down and you couldn’t help but become angry. “You stupid fucker! You did that on purpose! I just want to fucking go home, is that too much to ask for?!” You yelled at him, clenching your dirty fists. Matthew was hardly fazed however, instead, holding his finger to his lips to signal you to be quiet. “Don’t you shush me! I’m so fucking sick of your shit,” you hissed at him before your mouth was covered by his large hand. “Shut up and look behind you,” he hissed, turning the torch off. Suddenly becoming nervous, you turned your head to look over your shoulder.

“Is that… fire?” You murmured, pulling his hand away from your face as you stared off into the distance. There was a flickering orange light, not too far from where you were standing. “Let’s check it out,” Matthew whispered to you, beginning to start walking again, putting more distance between the two of you and your precious bed. Letting out a sigh, you shook your head but quickly followed after him, stumbling a little over the sticks and shrubs. “Fuck me sideways- Matt. You don’t know who’s out there. What if they’re serial killers?” you hissed at him, not wanting to go any further with him, but he had the only torch and had a better sense of direction you did.

“We’ll be fine. I just wanna take a look,” Matt dismissed you with a wave of the hand, leaving you with no choice but to follow him. The closer you got to the light, the brighter it became until you had reached another ledge, this one, you were intent on not falling down. You even made a point of not standing right next to Matt as you looked down at what was going on. Seeing people, you crouched down quietly, hoping the crunching of the leaves and twigs wasn’t as loud as it sounded in your ears.

Down below, hooded people stood in a circle, around a star that had been painted on the ground. Glancing to the side, you saw a bucket of red paint that had to have been used. The light, however, wasn’t coming from a fire. Not a single one at least. There were candles everywhere, lighting the place up as if they were a campfire. One of the people held a large book in their hands, clearly looking down into it and making the occasional hand motion as they spoke. You couldn’t make out what they were saying though. Hopefully this meant you were at a safe enough distance to not be heard either.

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“Holy crap, we’ve run into a cult…” Matthew whispered in astonishment, more amazed than frightened over the sight. You looked at him, brows knitted together in distaste. “No, we haven’t yet, and I don’t intend to. I’m leaving. Now,” you hissed at him, shifting your attention back to the cultists that were a mere few metres away from you if you didn’t count the height difference. You could hear Matthew moving, clearly getting up so the two of you could leave. With that subtle confirmation that you were both going to leave, you backed up a little and stood, only for your back to come into contact with something. You felt something hit your ankle, taking you off balance and as you reached out for, what you could only assume was a tree you bumped into, it was no longer there.

Back to falling, you let out a cry for help, watching as your friend reached out for your hand, only to miss completely. You rolled and tumbled, surprising the cultists who stumbled away from your approaching form. With everything moving too quickly for you to see, you didn’t see the pentagram on the ground, opening up into a black and crimson, swirling vortex. “NO!” A masculine voice cried out, but it was too late. The vortex swallowed your form, closing almost immediately after.

You felt sick. Your body hurt and you felt incredibly nauseous. You couldn’t see a thing, but it felt as if you were on a rollercoaster and a spinning ride at the same time. As your head started to throb with pain, you finally blacked out.

“All I’m saying Charlie, is that we need to figure out a new way of bringing demons into the hotel,” a woman informed her best friend and Princess of Hell. “The singing isn’t working, like I said it wouldn’t and while we do have patrons, it’ll be impossible for us to remain afloat!” Charlie sighed softly and looked to her friend with a small smile.

“Oh, come on Vaggie, it’s not that bad. We just need to stay optimistic is all! I’m sure, once we show signs of progress, which we are already, demons will start lining up from all corners of the pentagram! Trust me!” She claimed cheerily, walking backwards to look at her friend and give her a reassuring smile.

Vaggie shook her head with another sigh. “Customers don’t just fall from the sky Charlie! I’m serious. This is serious!” She cried, stopping in her tracks, wanting her friend to realise how much trouble they could be in if this idea didn’t work. Charlie sighed and rubbed her arm. “I know this is serious. I just… need some time to think. As you said, customers don’t just-.” The demon was suddenly brought to the ground by a hard force. Vaggie’s eyes widened when she saw the oncoming attack but was too late to warn Charlie as she was taken down to the ground.


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