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This is a walkthrough for Room Service, a mission in Far Cry 6. Learn more about the objectives of this Operation, available rewards, as well as tips for completing the mission!

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Room Service Basic Information

Mission Type Quest Giver Yelena Morales Location Conuco – El Agujero Rewards 150 XP Description Stop the interrogation of Hugo.One of Yelena’s guerrillas has been captured and is being interrogated by a notorious interrogator called “The Dentist”. Go to the Grand Hotel Caballero and stop it before he gives up any information.

How to Unlock Room Service

This Mission is unlocked after completing the Bullet Points mission. To accept it, talk to Yelena Morales who is in the La Moral HQ.

Bullet Points Mission Walkthrough and Rewards

Room Service Mission Walkthrough

Stop the Interrogation of Hugo

Objectives 1 Go outside and head to the closest marker to get inside the delivery truck. Ride in the back as the driver takes you to the hotel. 2 Follow your teammates to the roof of a building where you can scout out the surrounding area. Take out all of the soldiers on the second floor first as killing them will not draw any attention to you yet. Because you want to remain quiet, we recommend using a bow. Causing any kind of commotion the guards notice will stop the interrogation and the soldiers will begin to look for you. 3 Once the soldiers are aware that someone is in the area, you can take your time disposing of them. Pick them off one by one from the second story or kick down the door with explosives and cause chaos in the area. Once all the soldiers in the area are dead, the mission will be finished.

Tips and Strategies

Use a Bow

A lot of this fight can be done from the rooftops of the hotel. With this in mind, it is a good idea to use a bow with Precision Arrows attachment and the Gunslinger bow mod socket attached to increase your damage against enemies who are below you.

Bow Locations: How to Get a Bow

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