Does uber eats deliver to hotel room

I can’t be the only one who doesn’t crave room service when staying in hotel rooms. If I want to stay in, I always prefer ordering out.

And with so many food deliver apps out there, the options are endless. But that got me wondering… Does Uber Eats deliver to hotels?

Does Uber Eats Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

Yes, Uber Eats delivers to hotel rooms. Some hotels won’t allow drivers to go to your room door, so you may have to meet them in the lobby. But as long as UberEats delivers in the area, you can place an order.

To learn more about Uber Eats and how to get your food delivered to you hotel room, keep reading..

How To Order From Uber Eats While Staying At A Hotel

Ordering Uber Eats to your hotel room is fairly straightforward.

All you have to do is place your order like you normally would through the UberEats app. Make sure to change the deliver address to you hotel room and include you room number.

You can request for the deliver to be taken up to your hotel room or to meet them in the lobby. Depending on the hotel, the driver may not be allowed past the lobby.

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Does UberEats Deliver To Hotels In Vegas?

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Yes, Uber Eats delivers to hotel rooms in las Vegas. Like any other food delivery, you can request your food up to you hotel room or meet in the lobby.

However, since most hotels in Las Vegas are huge casino hotels, it’s more likely the Uber Eats driver will request to meet you at a meeting point.

From experience, these large hotels are practically mazes and it can be difficult to get your Uber Eats delivery up to your room.

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Do All Delivery Apps Deliver To Hotel Rooms?

Yes, most (if not all) delivery apps do deliver to hotel rooms. Every delivery service has different policies in place, but they typically all allow it.

Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates, and DoorDash all deliver to hotel rooms at this time.

GrubHub was actually one of the first delivery apps to start delivering to hotel rooms.

If you’re ordering from any of these apps, just make sure to include details about the hotel, your name, and room number.

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They all operate about the same in regards to delivering to hotel rooms.

Should You Tip When Ordering Food To A Hotel Room?

Tipping is always optional, but we highly encourage customers to always tip.

And deliveries to hotel rooms are no exception. Drivers depend heavily on tips and some do go above and beyond to make sure your food arrives as quickly as possible.

Since food delivery drivers are performing a service, we always recommend tipping.

How much should you tip? That depends on the drivers performance, but 10% – 20% seems to be the range. For small orders, we recommend a $5 minimum tip, but that’s totally up to you.

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Should You Deliver To A Hotel As A Uber Eats Driver?

Delivering to a hotel room is no different than delivering to an apartment complex in most cases.

Although some hotels can be rather large and difficult to navigate, most deliveries can be left in the lobby without problem.

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Just make sure to communicate properly with your customer to let them know where the food is.

If they specifically requested the food up to their room, it may be best to do so, especially since it can affect your tip.

However, delivering to hotels is normally very beneficial.

Most hotels are centrally located so you likely won’t be going too far away from the restaurants. This allows for quick deliveries and you will be back in the range faster.

Since drivers aren’t paid by hour but by delivery, this can be a quick way to get more deliveries in a shorter period of time.


You don’t have to settle for room service when you stay in a hotel. Instead, you can order from UberEats and get food delivered straight to your room.

Guests can order anything from burgers to sushi and have it delivered straight to your door.

As long as Uber Eats delivers in the area, you can place orders up to your hotel room.

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