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Colusa Casino Resort has been in operating in Northern California for over 30 years, offering up an exciting and exceptional gambling experience to those who have chosen to gamble there. With over 1000 slot machines and several table games on offer anyone who loves gambling will find something to enjoy here. Read on to discover our take on the gambling and non-gambling features on offer in this Colusa Casino Resort review we have pulled together.

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This review has divided the casino’s offering into two sections. The first section is the casino’s gambling offering which covers the games on offer, the casino’s promotions as well as insight into the casino’s own loyalty program. In the second half of the review we then delve into the non-gambling offering of the casino which includes the onsite accommodation, events and entertainment. If you have a question about Colusa Casino Resort that needs an answer urgently then check out our answers to the most common questions readers ask about this casino.

Colusa Casino Resort: What to Expect

When first entering Colusa Casino Resort guests should expect to be greeted by the comfortable and luxurious interiors which perfectly complement the casino’s gambling and non-gambling features offering. For those who are interested in learning more about this exciting casino and what it offers then read on. If you already know what section of this review you want to read first then click on the CONTENT button above and navigate your way there.

Colusa Casino Resort Casino Games

As mentioned in the introduction this review will cover the gambling offering at Colusa Casino Resort. The most important aspect of the casino offering is the Colusa Casino Resort games on offer, with a mixture of both traditional table casino games as well as electronic video games there’s plenty to choose from. In the sections below we will analyze the games on offer as well as the casino’s promotions and loyalty program.

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In the list below we outline all of the games on offer at Colusa Casino Resort. From traditional casino card games such as poker, black jack, craps as well as other traditional casino games like roulette there are plenty of games for casino purists to indulge in. As well as the traditional dealer run games there are also several electronic video style games for those who enjoy a more modern wager. For the full list of games on offer, refer to what we have outlined below.

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Bingo
  • Slot machines
  • Craps
  • Pai Gow

Judging by the casino offering as outlined in the list above all types of casino gamblers will find something to enjoy> here. Whether you are a poker shark or a slot fanatic the games on offer should entertain you. However, should you be in the market for a casino that really narrows its offering to just one or two games check out < a href=”/casinos/lucky-bear/”>Lucky Bear Casino which has a very narrow offering of only slot machines, black jack and bingo.

Online Casino Games

Online gambling is illegal in California. Due to the fact that online gambling is illegal in the Golden State, Colusa Casino Resort does not offer up any form of online gambling for real money.

Promotions found at the Casino

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As is the case with most casino’s operating in California, Colusa Casino Resort offers up an exceptional range of promotions. Whether you are celebrating your birthday, or it is a national holiday this casino always finds a time to celebrate. The prizes for the casino’s promotions range from cash prizes and free play to gifts such as cars and holidays. For all of the information you will need to know about the promotions on offer make sure you check out the casino’s official promotions page.

One thing that should always be noted about casino promotions is that they are limited in their time frame. In the case of Colusa Casino Resort the promotions only run for a month, so it pays to keep an eye on the casino’s website and social media channels to see what promotions are running when you plan to visit.

Loyalty Program at the Casino

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Golden Bars and Golden Gift Box

Like all good casino’s running promotions Colusa Casino Resort also has an extensive loyalty program. This casino loyalty program is known as The Rewards Club, members of the rewards club gain special access to promotions and discounts across all facets of the casino’s offering. Each time a member plays at the casino they collect membership points which once accumulated allow members to move up tiers within the loyalty program. As members move further up the loyalty program the benefits they accrue increase to a point where they are awarded free game-play, cash to gamble with and invites to exclusive events.

Non-Gambling Related Features of the Casino

As mentioned in the introduction not only does Colusa Casino Resort have an impressive gambling offering, the non-gambling features are also a draw card for visitors. With an impressive award winning onsite hotel accompanied by an extensive events and entertainment calendar there is plenty to enjoy here beyond the game floor. For more details on non-gambling features and services read on through the sections below.

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Hotel: Gaming and Luxury Combined

Colusa Casino Resort’s onsite hotel is a AAA Four Diamond award winning hotel. Called the River Valley Lodge this casino offers up tranquillity in amongst the picturesque northern Californian location. Draw cards of the casino include the lush feather bedding, courtyard and the fact that it is only a few minutes away from the game floor itself. For all of the key information you need know about the hotel please refer to the table below.

Location wise Colusa Casino Resort is exceptionally remote, so any one planning a trip should do so with an intent to make the most of the location and stay overnight at River Valley Lodge. With luxury accommodation complemented by the onsite wellness centre, fitness centre, swimming pool and a specialised weight room – those who enjoy luxurious amenities will be right at home here.

Colusa Casino Resort Events/Entertainment

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As well as the onsite accommodation, Colusa Casino Resort also hosts some great events and entertainment. The events calendar generally includes live concerts from local music acts, live comedy shows, poker tournaments and even show entertainment. To keep on top of what events are being hosted when make sure you keep an eye on the casino’s official entertainment page.

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General Company Info

Colusa Casino Resort is owned and operated by Cachil Dehe Band of Wintun Indians, a local tribe that diverts the majority of the casino’s revenue into funding local community causes and services including education, health and tribal preservation services. The tribe also uses the casino’s revenue to ensure that all of the facilities and venues at the casino are up to date and have the most modern amenities at guest’s disposal. For full details on the casino and its owners refer to the table below.

Colusa Casino Resort Logo


To conclude this review of Colusa Casino Resort we have established that the casino itself offers up an exciting and fulfilling gambling experience. With a wide range of casino games, promotions as well as a fully developed loyalty program those who enjoy a wager will find plenty to enjoy here. As well as the gambling offering there are also non-gambling features for visitors to the casino to enjoy such as the casino’s hotel, events and entertainment offering. If this casino has piqued your interest in Californian gambling then check out our other reviews of the best casinos in California.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that this review has given you a good insight into the gambling offering at Colusa Casino Resort, should you still have any outstanding questions regarding the casino’s gambling offering as well as the non-gambling features guests can take advantage of take a read through the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the casino.

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