Cheap flights to colombo sri lanka

When to fly

Two monsoon seasons deter travellers from visiting Colombo from May through August and October through December. In general, the best time to fly to Colombo is between January and March, when rainfall is at its lowest and temperatures climb toward their highest. Travellers seeking a trip filled with festivals may want to consider braving the monsoon season and travelling in May for the celebration of Buddha’s birth, which sees Colombo covered in lanterns, lights and other decorations. Cheaper flights to Colombo can be found outside of the peak travel months of January, February and March when other celebrations take place.

Duruthu Perahera at Kelaniya Temple

Traditionally, the Duruthu Perahera takes place on the pre-full moon day in the month of January. The spectacular procession entices hundreds and thousands of natives and tourists who are keen to witness the cultural heritage and ancient traditions of the nation through the remarkable parades of folk music, rhythmic dance and drum performances outside the Temple Purlieu.

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Navam Perehera

Every year, the streets of Colombo come alive to celebrate February’s full moon. The streets are flowing with vibrant and colourful processions with a display of dancers, drummers, traditional folklore, music and Chieftains in traditional attire. The main attraction of the parade is the hundreds of elephants that travel from various parts of the country dressed in shining cloaks. This huge event is located at Gangarama Temple in Colombo with more than a million spectators taking flights to Colombo annually.

Why visit

As is the case with many sprawling metropolises in the region, Colombo today is a sum of its many contrasting parts: historic religious sites against modern skyscrapers, a spread of ethnicities living side by side and extensive green spaces surrounded by the fumes of heavy traffic. History and modernity live side by side in Sri Lanka’s capital city on the ocean shore.

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The first-time visitors who fly to Colombo may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people, traffic and activity that fill the streets of, but with time, the city’s charms begin to win over newcomers. There’s plenty to see, but many visitors choose to start with the stunning temples found throughout Colombo. Of these, the colourful Gangaramaya Temple is a favourite among visitors for its incredible Buddhist statues and museum. Colombo’s past is on full display at sites like The National Museum of Colombo, the Natural History Museum and the Dutch Period Museum, while contemporary and Sri Lankan art greet visitors to the National Art Gallery.

A metropolis Colombo surely is, but there are ample opportunities to escape the urban in favour of a more natural retreat. The wildlife that takes up residence at Viharamahadevi Park adds a lively element to a stroll through this lushly landscaped green space, while the Talangama Wetland just outside the city proper offers lakeside relaxation amongst butterflies and greenery.

After recharging, visitors can head to Galle Face Green, an oceanfront promenade that attracts many for some of the best sunset views in the city.

Getting from the airport

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The only international airport serving the city is Bandaranaike International Airport (CMB), which is about 32 km north of the city. Depending on how heavy the traffic is, the journey between Bandaranaike International Airport and Colombo can take between half an hour and one hour. A shuttle runs every 15 minutes to take passengers from the airport terminal to a nearby bus station, where public transportation connects travellers to Colombo. Taxis are also available with fixed rates.

Getting around Colombo

Colombo’s streets are filled with three-wheel vehicles known as tuk-tuks, and these motorised for-hire vehicles can be a convenient way to get around the city. Tourists should opt for metered tuk-tuks rather than trying to negotiate a rate with the driver or better yet, seek out a special tourist-friendly fleet operated by the Sri Lanka Tourist Development Authority. Taxis are also available, as are public buses and a train system.

How popular are flights to Colombo Bandaranaike Intl (CMB) this year?

There has been a 336% increase in demand for Colombo flights over the last year.

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