Can you order doordash to a hotel

Does DoorDash deliver to hotels? This is a question you might be asking yourself if you’re staying in a hotel and are looking to order some food.

The answer is yes! DoorDash does deliver to hotels. The only requirement is that DoorDash is available in the city that your hotel is in. So long as DoorDash operates in that city, you shouldn’t have any problem getting DoorDash to deliver to your hotel.

How Does DoorDash Deliver To Hotels?

DoorDash delivers to hotels the same way they deliver to anywhere else. If you’re a customer, you can place your order via the DoorDash app and put your hotel as the delivery address. DoorDash will then send your delivery request to available Dashers. If someone accepts your delivery request, they’ll pick up your order and deliver it to you.

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You have three options if you want to get your DoorDash order delivered to your hotel. The first is to have your delivery driver bring the food directly to your room. If you want this option, make sure you put your room number in the delivery address or the delivery notes. I generally don’t recommend having your food delivered directly to your room. It’s very annoying for Dashers to have to bring your order through the hotel and up to your room. Indeed, in some instances, the hotel won’t even let the driver deliver the food to your room.

The second option – and the one I recommend – is to meet your DoorDash driver at the front door or in the lobby. This is generally the best way to do it. It’s easier for the delivery person and honestly, it’s probably easier and faster for you to just pick up the food from your driver in the lobby instead of waiting for them to navigate through the hotel to your room.

The final option is to have your DoorDash delivery person leave the food for you at the front desk. This is usually a fine option too, but in busier hotels, you might not want to do this. Some hotels won’t let delivery people leave orders at the front desk. And you also risk having your food stolen.

A lot of people also specifically ask if DoorDash delivers to hotels in Las Vegas. The answer once again is yes, they do! Be aware that if your delivery person is driving, they likely won’t be able to park for very long and won’t be able to bring the food up to your room. It’s best to meet them outside or in the lobby.

What You Should Do If You Have DoorDash Deliver To A Hotel

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If you want to be a good DoorDash customer, you should aim to make your delivery as easy as possible for your Dasher. Remember, DoorDash delivery people are independent contractors, so they can accept or reject any orders they want. If your delivery request isn’t attractive, it’s possible no one will pick up your DoorDash order.

To make sure someone accepts your delivery request, be sure to leave an appropriate tip. I recommend tipping 20% – the same as you’d tip in a restaurant. If you don’t tip, the payout for your order will likely be too low and no Dashers will pick up your order. Then you’ll just end up mad and hungry.

Finally, you’ll make life much easier for your delivery person if you are willing to meet them outside or in the lobby, rather than making them go through the hotel and up to your floor. As I mentioned previously, some hotels don’t let delivery people go into the hotel. It also isn’t that much work to meet your delivery person in front of the hotel or the lobby. And honestly, you’ll probably get your food faster if you do this too.

Should You Deliver To A Hotel If You Are A Dasher?

I generally don’t have any problems with delivering to a hotel when I’m working as a Dasher. I see it as similar to delivering to an apartment. If you’re unlucky, the customer will make you bring the food to their door, so it can be a bit of a crapshoot sometimes.

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The only potential issue I see is that most hotels are located in dense, downtown areas, so if you’re using a car, you’ll probably have trouble parking. Most of the time though, you can simply pull in front of the hotel lobby, hit your blinkers, and then run inside. If you’re lucky, the customer will meet you in front of the hotel, so you won’t have to worry about parking.

I use an ebike or electric scooter to do my deliveries, so I never have a problem with parking. If you’re able to use an ebike, you’ll make delivering to hotels much easier.

Final Thoughts

When you’re traveling and staying in a hotel, sometimes you need to get food delivered to you. DoorDash delivers to hotels, so you shouldn’t have any problems ordering food from somewhere.

To make things easier for everyone, make sure to put the right address for your hotel and tip appropriately. Meet your delivery person in the lobby or at the front door also, rather than making them bring the food up to your room. It’ll make things smooth and easy for everyone. And your Dasher will really appreciate you if you do this.

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