DHPL Travels Presents: Unmissable Black Travel Groups for Your Next Adventure

Discover Like-Minded Travel Communities That Embrace Your Journey

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling travel experience with a group of fellow explorers who truly understand your perspective? As social beings, we naturally gravitate towards those who share our experiences and backgrounds. It’s no surprise, then, that Black travelers often find solace and companionship in group travel. From attending vibrant Black festivals in person to supporting other Black travel bloggers online, community and travel have always been intertwined for Black adventurers. If you’re a Black traveler itching to satisfy your wanderlust, look no further than these seven exceptional Black travel groups for your next trip.

Wind Collective: Inspire Your Inner Creative on a Global Scale

The Wind Collective
Caption: The Wind Collective, Bali, Indonesia. @windcollective

Founded in 2017, Wind Collective has rapidly emerged as a dominant force in the travel world. Their meticulously curated itineraries have taken travelers from captivating destinations like Brazil to the enchanting shores of The Philippines. This London-based collective believes in seamlessly blending creativity with travel, a philosophy evident in their captivating Instagram feed. When you join this Black travel group, prepare for a uniquely immersive experience. Each trip includes a captivating “creative session” where travelers are authentically photographed and recorded, providing lasting mementos of their journey (perfect for envy-inducing travel posts!).

Furthermore, Wind Collective strives to make a positive impact on the communities they visit. Every trip incorporates a dedicated “give back session,” allowing travelers to contribute to the betterment of local communities across the globe. From Bali to Cuba and Colombia, their generosity knows no bounds.

Haywire Weekend: Party, Luxury, and Island Bliss for Solo Black Travelers

Haywire Weekend
Caption: Haywire Weekend. @lauren.cowart/@haywireweekend

If you’re a single traveler seeking an unforgettable adventure, Haywire Weekend is tailor-made for you. Branded as “the best weekend of your life,” Haywire expertly combines island living, luxurious accommodations, and an electrifying party scene. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, they go above and beyond to secure the most exclusive villas for every trip. If opulent travel is your passion, Haywire will exceed your expectations.

As lively and spontaneous as its name suggests, Haywire Weekend warmly welcomes solo travelers, groups of friends, and couples alike. Follow their vibrant crew on social media, where they document their epic journeys in a reality TV show-style format. From boat parties to endless bottles of celebration, Haywire guarantees an extraordinary travel experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Black Girls Travel Too: Empowering Black Women Through Global Adventures

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Caption: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. @maureenpowel/@blackgirlstraveltoo

Black women eager to join a group trip should look no further than Black Girls Travel Too. Founded with the intention of debunking the myth that Black women don’t travel, this travel company has blossomed into a thriving online community since its inception on Instagram in 2015. Over 100K followers have eagerly joined them on far-flung adventures, exploring incredible destinations such as London, Thailand, India, and Australia.

Barbados holds a special place in the hearts of this group, as they annually gather travelers to experience the vibrant crop over festival—a carnival-style celebration held every summer. Black Girls Travel Too’s trips are immersive experiences, deeply rooted in local cultures. They often offer volunteer opportunities, fostering a sense of camaraderie among Black women who come together to explore the world.

Urban Events Global: Thrilling Adventures for the Curious Black Traveler

Uran Events Global
Caption: Uran Events Global, Urban Camp Weekend, Texas, USA. Credit: urbaneventsglobal.com

Since its inception in 2011 as a camping trip for a close-knit group of friends, Urban Events Global has become the go-to Black travel company for adventure enthusiasts. Each year, they organize an array of exciting trips, including a camp weekend, two international getaways, and a thrilling cruise weekend. Urban Events Global crafts experiences tailored to fulfill the curiosity of Black travelers seeking adrenaline-pumping thrills.

The iconic Urban Camp Weekend, typically hosted in the southern United States, presents a one-of-a-kind adult camping experience. Whether you arrive in your own RV, choose a cozy cabin, or opt for a traditional tent, the weekend promises endless excitement. From tubing down the river to beach volleyball, there’s never a dull moment. And let’s not forget the open bar ensuring the party never stops.

Urban Events Global also ventures beyond US borders with captivating international trips. Previous destinations include the mesmerizing landscapes of Cape Town, South Africa, offering a captivating blend of natural wonders and historical insights. Alternatively, their Urban Cruise Weekend transports travelers to idyllic Caribbean destinations like Cozumel, Mexico. For adventurous Black travelers yearning for extraordinary experiences, Urban Events Global is a must.

Yacht Week East Africa: Unforgettable Luxury Adventures in Paradise

Yacht Week East Africa
Caption: Yacht Week East Africa. @yachtweekea

If your idea of luxury travel involves spending a week on a yacht in the breathtaking Seychelles, then Yacht Week East Africa is the dream come true. Unlike some versions of yacht week that have struggled with inclusivity, Yacht Week East Africa warmly welcomes Black travelers to experience unparalleled opulence. Begin your journey with two days exploring the wonders of the Seychelles before embarking on a week-long aquatic expedition. Indulge in thrilling water activities like snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and even hopping between luxurious yachts.

Unique experiences await on your Yacht Week East Africa adventure, including a sunset beach BBQ and an unforgettable full moon party. If Tanzania beckons, you can join the community in exploring Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar Island, immersing yourself in Swahili culture. Take a Spice Tour, visit Mikumi National Park, or answer the call of Kenya by exploring Nairobi, going on safaris, and discovering the vibrant Maasai Market—the ultimate destination for handcrafted treasures. With Yacht Week East Africa, luxury travel becomes an unforgettable reality.

Tastemakers Africa: Revel in the Richness of African Culture on Unique Group Tours

Tastemakers Africa
Caption: Tastemakers Africa, Liberia. @savvyafropolitan/@tstmkrsafrica

Journeying across the African continent has historically posed challenges, but Tastemakers Africa is changing the game. This remarkable platform connects travelers with locally-led tours and experiences, allowing people from African nations to share their own stories. From the bustling streets of Johannesburg to the dynamic neighborhoods of Accra, Tastemakers Africa offers a wide selection of culturally immersive tours.

One such tour in Accra takes participants to the historic slave castles of Cape Coast, a poignant reminder of West Africa’s complex history during the transatlantic slave trade. Immerse yourself in the local scene by joining a live music crawl in Johannesburg or participating in fabric dyeing workshops in Ghana. These authentic experiences create powerful connections for Black travelers, offering glimpses into their ancestral roots and fostering a deep sense of belonging.

beGirlWorld: Nurturing Young Black Girls’ Global Potential

Caption: beGirlWorld. Credit: begirlworld.com

Founded in 2014 in Philadelphia, beGirlWorld empowers young Black girls through global education and travel. Travel serves as a powerful catalyst for cross-cultural experiences, paves the way for future career paths, nurtures leadership skills, and ignites new possibilities. To ensure inclusivity, beGirlWorld accepts donations that primarily contribute to sponsoring passports for their young travelers.

The beGirlWorld program extends beyond travel alone. It offers a structured two-year cohort experience featuring inspiring guest speakers, travel planning lessons, and assignments that include interviewing esteemed travel professionals. As a crowning achievement, the girls embark on graduation trips to illustrious destinations like London and Madrid. Fostering a sense of pride and empowerment, organizations like beGirlWorld play vital roles within the Black community.

These exceptional Black travel groups authentically embody the spirit of adventure, solidarity, and cultural exploration. Explore the world with like-minded travelers who share your experiences, aspirations, and zest for life. DHPL Travels invites you to join the movement and embark on unforgettable journeys with these remarkable travel communities. Ready for your next adventure? Visit DHPL Travels for more information.

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