Best las vegas hotels for teens

If you plan to visit Vegas with teenagers, you may wonder if there are resorts on the Vegas Strip which are suitable. Well, besides the obvious ‘family-oriented’, budget-friendly Circus Circus, all Vegas resorts primarily cater for adults; the atmosphere all around is one of gambling, drinking and, in many, partying.

However, there are some Vegas Strip resorts which also have attractions suitable for a family and/or for older children & teenagers. For example, Mirage (which has a very ‘fun’ casino floor and probably the best resort pool in Vegas), has a large dolphin habitat and a secret garden which will keep you and your children well entertained all day long; at the same time, it’s a beautiful resort and it’ll suit most visitors’ requirements, though the stunning pool area is more suitable for adults than children. If you don’t mind the location (very South), Mandalay Bay is similar, in that its beautiful wave beach/pool area, it’s lazy river and its aquarium will be entertaining enough for more than one day, whilst offering comfortable, luxurious rooms and suites.

New York New York offers a lively atmosphere and its inside themed areas can provide some entertainment for older children and teenagers (see our New York New York inside resort video); moreover, it’s tall-and-scary roller-coaster (a day pass is available) will highly enjoyable for most teenagers. The NYNY rooms come in different shapes and sizes (and decor), so I’d recommend you read the details to see if it suits your needs. Some corner rooms are very spacious, hence they may be particularly indicated for a group of 3 or 4 (if you don’t want to book a suite or 2 adjoining rooms). The pool at NYNY, however, is small and not that appealing. The location is practically the same as for MGM Grand (read below).

MGM Grand (a huge resort – it takes forever to go from A to B) used to be one of the favorite destinations for families, thanks to its lions’ habitat (now gone) and an overall atmosphere catering to all ages, as well as a very large pool area with a lazy river. However, it’s now undergone a big change and it’s embraced a strong party-bar atmosphere (and removed its lions’ habitat); MGM Grand is in the best location, of course, if you want to attend the various events in its arena, and across the road from the Disney-esque looking Excalibur. Having said this, the massive, crowded pool area has various sections, on for families and other for adults, which makes it easier for everybody.

Flamingo is a budget-resort in a great location with a nice Flamingo Habitat which is entertaining and pleasant for all visitors but probably more suitable for younger children rather than ‘restless’ teenagers. If your teenagers enjoy a ‘magically romantic atmosphere’, Venetian (greatly themed through and through) offers large luxury suites and a visually-stimulating environment (imitating the Italian city of Venice and its canals): moreover, it’s just across the road from Mirage.

Excalibur is one of the mid-range resorts for families since it has a dedicated pool area for children with water slides and an overall theme which could entertain children as well as adults. They have an arcade and a food court area where kids of all ages may find themselves ‘at home’. Even this resort, however, has undergone an ‘ambiance change’, in an effort to attract party goers and younger crowds.

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