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What’s not to love about buffet restaurants? The wide variety of dishes and cuisines appeal to an array of appetites! Long stretches of tables laden with delicious dishes and attractively presented, is a sight to behold at all you can eat buffet restaurants. The real challenge is to find places for the best buffet in Chennai in a sea of buffet restaurants – one that not only has great appetizers and mains but also offers an array of desserts to satiate the craving for a sweet ending.

Anise is named afterstar anise’, a spice that is indispensable to the Chettinad cuisine. Anise offers a perfect blend of Oriental, Italian and Mediterranean dishes. Dine here, seated on the deck, with a splendid view of the palm trees and pool. The restaurant is a popular destination for early morning or late night biryani cravings among the locals. But, the restaurant also offers a palatable buffet menu, which is slightly skewed towards seafood delicacies. Sit on the elegant settees here and dig into their Gosht Grill Biryani which is the best in town.

Sigree is a blessing for all North Indians living in Chennai, who often feel homesick and are in dire need for some creamy Mughlai and Punjabi curries with naan. Sigree is known for its delicious North Indian fare and affordability. The restaurant’s decor is minimal and well-lit, with plenty of seating options. Their soft and succulent kebabs must not be missed. Sigree hosts buffet meals on all days of the week.

Fully managed by volunteers, this is one of the most offbeat restaurants in the city. It is housed in a corporate building and you need access cards to enter the restaurant. The staff here includes working professionals like engineers and doctors, and they also run a charitable trust. As you enter the restaurant, a giant statue of goddess Annalakshmi greets you and blesses you for a hearty meal. Annalakshmi’s reputation as the server of authentic south Indian food stretches as far as Singapore and Australia. They are famous for their thalis and the buffet meals here offer great value for money.

Everything at The Kitchen’s airy and sunlit all-day dining space is designed with a new-age feel. The vibrant interiors and the live kitchen counter ooze a friendly vibe inviting all kinds of patrons, from college students to businessmen. The buffet spread here is kept hot throughout with the help of infrared heaters and induction stoves and served with fancy custom made cutlery. Indulge in a wide variety of global dishes here ranging from staple South Indian dishes, Punjabi curries, Continental fare and more.

Dressed in pastel and multi-colored hues, Westin Chennai’s all-day diner, Seasonal Tastes exudes a warm and welcoming vibe to its diners. The restaurant is a great buffet place where diners can hog on world cuisines including Indian, Thai, Japanese, Moroccan, Chinese, Continental and more. The restaurant also boasts of an extensive grilled menu which features juicy kebabs and tikkas. On Sundays, the chef here prepares innovative dishes for your eyes and taste buds to feast on.

601 presents a perfect blend of classy sophistication and modern inventiveness. The decor of this all-day diner is classy, minimal and earthy, with ample natural light seeping in from the windows, a high ceiling and beautiful wall art. The food menu is reflective of the restaurant’s modern comfort and inventiveness. Each dish here oozes mesmerizing ingenuity and attractiveness. Pizzas and kinds of pasta which are their signature dishes have managed to assert their mainstay on the menu, but the Indian and international fare at the buffet spread is equally scrumptious.

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Comprising of the living lounge, the bar, the library, the kitchen and the dining section, The Flying Elephant is an embodiment of pure class and opulence. The lowest floor here, which turns into a dance floor on weekends, is the loudest of all. TFE serves lip-smacking cocktails including classic ones and a slew of madras-style concoctions. The buffet menu here features an extensive spread of Oriental, North Indian, Chettinad and Continental dishes. Apart from being a great buffet restaurant, TFE is also a bustling nightlife space.

Vasco’s huge and airy decor exudes a bright and cheerful vibe all around. At this buffet-style restaurant, you can move through various stations designated for specific sections including appetizers, pasta, sushi, cheese and more. Each counter is manned by a chef and you can watch the food being prepared via see-through glasses. On the upper floor, there is a private dining area which has been dubbed as ‘The Madras Table’. They have a special menu for kids featuring DIY pizzaz, cold cuts, mezze platters, and cutesy small bites.

Spice Haat is known for its expansive space, simple taste and mesmerizing decor. The restaurant is Hyatt Regency’s largest restaurant and is apt for a little teté-á-tété during your meal. Different cuisines are marked with flags of different colors to get the diner’s attention. The South Indian fare at Spice Haat is as authentic as it is inside a Tamilian kitchen, while the North Indian staples are equally indulgent.

The grandeur of the Madras Pavilion will delight your senses. Embellished with spectacular chandeliers, marble flooring, pastel-hued walls and large tables, the decor of this restaurant is enchanting, but its vast spread of scrumptious dishes is the highlight here. The service is flawless here. They have an island kitchen, comprising of live counters. The seafood selection is particularly good on the special Sunday menu.

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Everything at J.Hind, from its quirky interiors and attractive backdrop to the eclectic bar and food menu embodies the spirit of India. Its decor is speckled with antiques and artifacts which have an interesting story of their own. J.Hind’s mouth-watering Mughlai, North Indian and South Indian dishes are prepared employing age-old techniques, using fresh ingredients and aromatic spices that exude rich flavors and add authenticity to the dishes. Zindabad Soup, a tri-colored lentil soup, is their signature dish and must not be missed. Try Marina Beach Nathili Fry and Machhi Saagwala for mains.

As is clear from the name, this restaurant specializes in serving its patrons with Pan-Asian flavors. Their Burmese and Thai fare is quite palatable. The decor of the place is charming, comprising of colorful walls and filament bulb lit interiors. Asian Station’s buffet spread offers patrons with zestful dim sum, Shanghai rice pearl balls, minced chicken balls and other delicious Pan-Asian fares at inexpensive prices.

Chap Chay means ‘mixed vegetables’ in Chinese, thus it is not astonishing that this Chinese restaurant makes abundant uses of vegetables along with meats in its menu. Chinese cuisine doesn’t lend itself to buffets since the gravies become thick quickly and the noodles fall flat once cold. Thus, Chap Chay made a clever tweak to the buffet idea and introduced a fresh system, where diners can select their choice of noodles, sauces, vegetables, and meat, and let the chef do the rest. The Sunday Brunch at Chap Chay is a grand affair and features the restaurant’s best dishes including a delectable sushi spread.

27 Culinary Street offers buffets on Thursdays and Fridays only and draws many patrons from nearby offices. The restaurant offers a vast variety of dishes ranging from different cuisines, but the grill section, North Indian gravies, and biryanis rule over everything else.

Everything here seems larger than life. From its splendid red and wood decor and beautiful location overlooking the Bay of Bengal to the extensive buffet spread, which has gained widespread popularity among Chennaiites. Each day at Spectra is dedicated to special fare. For instance, Wednesdays for global street food, Fridays for seafood, Saturdays for Indian and so on. The lavish buffet at Spectra is spread across seven different counters, that act like mini-specialty restaurants, featuring dishes from various cuisines, and of course, desserts.

So, the next time your appetite is larger than your budget and the many food options leave you perplexed, go for a grand buffet meal. Head out to these best buffet restaurants in Chennai to satiate your hunger at affordable prices.


Q. What are the best places to eat in Chennai?

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A. Kaidi Kitchen, Zaitoon, Barbeque Nation, Kalyana bhavan biryani, Tosai, Badal Da Punjabi Dhabha, Zaica and many more.

Q. Which is the best place to eat biryani in Chennai?

A. Ya Mohideen Biryani – Pallavaram, Dindigul Thalapakatti Biryani, SukkuBhai Beef Biryani, Hajeeras kitchen – Velachery, Hotel Kalyan Bhavan, Daawat Biriyani – Pallavaram.

Q. What are the best restaurants in Chennai for couples?

A. Dario’s – Alwarpet, The Gateway Hotel IT Expressway Chennai, Little Italy, Mainland China, Yoko Sizzlers, ITC Grand Chola.

Q. What are the best Veg restaurants in Chennai?

A. Kaidi Kitchen, Dario’s, Eden, Pind, Amdavadi, BR Mathsya.

Q. What are the best non-veg restaurants in Chennai?A. Buhari hotel, Dindigul thalapakatti, Sea Shell, Badal Da Punjabi Dhabha, Zaitoon, Barbeque Nation – Chennai – T. Nagar.

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