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Kalpitiya Dolphins Summer (17.12.2012)
Despite its natural beauty, the western peninsular area of KALPITIYA in the Puttalam district of Sri Lanka is remarkably untouched by tourism. But for those lucky enough to visit, there’s a plenty of things to see and do! Close knit fishing community, fresh sea food, the Dutch Fort and St.Peter’s KirkChurch provide interesting and varied possibilities for the visitor.

Though whale sightings are not that frequent off Kalpitiya compared to Dondra, it’s still one of the best places to see the ever smiling and singing chirpy Dolphins. If you are at the right place at the right time – which you can entrust to us – the spinner dolphins in Kalpitiya will give a show in their hundreds, perhaps even in their thousands.

Kalpitiya gets seven star hotel (17.12.2012)

Shirajiv Sirimane

The regions second comprehensive seven star hotel would be opened in two years in the Kalpitiya integrated tourism zone. The first hotel is currently being built by the Hong Kong based Shangri-La Hotel chain in Galle Face at the former the Army Headquarters. This would be a US $ 500 million investment and would have 500 rooms.

Apeiron Hotel in Dubai

A leading Dubai real estate developer along with a Sri Lankan counterpart has undertaken building the second seven star hotel. The total investment for the project would be around Rs. 6 billion.

The company has already decided on a 250 acre land for the project. The proposed seven star hotel would comprise 200 individual chalets with each having its own swimming pool, dining area, gym and other facilities. In addition there would be a golf course, mini casino and other facilities. An under water spa or a viewing facility too is planned .

A company official said that they are mainly targeting up market clients from the gulf region, Europe, USA, and UK. There is also a large number of European expatriate population who earn high salaries and are looking for short holidays. “We are hoping to price a villa for around US $ 1,500 per night which makes it the most expensive property in the region,” he said.

Under the first phase of the Kalpitiya Tourism Zone, six islands will be developed - Ippantivu Island, Vellai Island I, Vellai Island II, Vellai Island III, Eramativu Island, and Kakativu Island -by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority .The islands that have been leased out by the government are Ippantivu and Vellai. The Vellai Islands have been leased for a sum of Rs. 3.7 million for the first five years to Sun Resort Investment Lanka Private Limited, which is a joint venture between Sri Lanka, Maldives and Switzerland. The Ippantivu Island has been leased out for Rs. 14 million to Qube Lanka Leisure Properties Private Limited, an Indian investor.

Qatari investors are also expected to build hotel in Kalpitiya and the Colombo Airport highway is to be extend to Kalpitiya.

With increased arrivals and high spenders patronizing Sri Lanka, the country hopes to attract nearly US $ 1.5 billion worth of hotel investments this year. Dubai saw the world’s first seven star hotel in Burj Al Arab and currently the second seven star hotel, Apeiron Hotel is being built in Dubai. The hi-tech futuristic hotel Apeiron designed by UK’s Sybarite architects, would feature a two-storeyed jungle at the top of the 28-floor complex, 14 lifts, two cinemas and an under water spa and restaurant.




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